Funny. That is the only thing I can think of while writing this. There will never be another Pomp Room. The genorosity I received from the Ertz family while spending my weekly check at the famed music club can only be measured in thousands of hugs and friendships I made at the place. It can never be replaced. But then I think of my new friends, who have graced my neighborhood with one the coolest bars in town, complete with pinball machines and arcade games of the past. Ike and Crickett are two of a kind. I also wish them great success. At the end of the day, I hope they make this into one of the coolest bar arcades downtown. I also hope they bring in great Rock and Roll. But I also hope they have the integrity to slap their own moniker on the place. My suggestion would be the “Rock & Roll Arcademy” I will sell the idea to you for a beer, or a pizza, or whatever.


10 Thoughts on “Why don’t we call it the “Rock & Roll Arcademy”

  1. well who the hell has the sign? One article says Saxton has it the other says ertz has it.

    The pomp is dead. Let it go.

  2. It’s too bad Saxton can’t reinvent the Pomp, this really Ertz our chances to become a live music mecca.

  3. I think it is just a publicity stunt. I guess Paul told a reporter yesterday after Johnny hauled the sign away (There is a FB video of it) that he is having a replica sign made. I guess if I was going to be clever with a name, I would have called it ‘Sid’s Crown Arcade’ or the ‘Texaco Arcade’

  4. Saxton & your buddies should seek out both the Total Drag & District folks and figure out a way to work together, this town would embrace the effort IMO.

  5. Saxton has been to Total Drag to talk about his plans. Dan and Liz have been laughing ever since.

  6. @ Scott, really? I pulled this off the TD site:

    “TOTAL DRAG is a record & tape store. More importantly, it is also a community oriented art and music space open to people of all ages who are interested in participating in and supporting an environment of creativity and artistic innovation and freedom.”

    So Dan & Liz think this guy’s a fool for trying to recreate what even the most casual SF music fan has been missing downtown since the Pomp closed?

  7. Sy, you got it backwards. It wasn’t Dan and Liz acting all high and mighty against a community project. It was the presentation. It was the wrongful claim that since Aerosmith close the Pomp (they didn’t), they were going to have them open the new club. It was the fact that he tried to get them to sell shirts with stolen imagery. It was other “facts” presented to them. Of course, there’s a good chance that the person making those claims may have spent some time and money at a local bar before talking to Dan and Liz. Or maybe it just seemed like he had.

  8. Ahh..I see, thanks for the info.

    Great piece on the Pomp BTW, your analysis of it being viewed “their bar” by so many different types of people was spot on. You’re right, how do you recreate that?

  9. Thanks, Sy! Much appreciated.

    You just can’t. That’s why I suggested they just try to create their own vision…and from what I’m hearing in the last day or so it appears that’s what will eventually happen.

  10. I still say Sid Eptein’s Live Music Emporium has a nice ring to it, we could call it SEL ME for short.

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