Mr. Schroeder, I figured out the scam years ago

This interview with Shaine pretty much sums up my experience with Arts Night. (I used to hear the rich and influential in Sioux Falls liked Arts Night so they could pickup cheap original art for gifts;

The Pavilion has gotten better, but I remember when I participated in their Arts Night a while back, and they sent out in the invitations to everybody to come to the auction. The invitations had the wrong date on it. This shit is so simple you guys. Who the heck is the head of marketing? You can put this all in the interview, because I want this to be common knowledge.
Here’s the thing that really gets me: you guys [The Pavilion] are approaching artists, who don’t make shit in the first place, some of us do, but even that ebbs and flows. Artists can have a good month and then the next five will be fucking terrible. Everybody’s been there. The Pavilion is asking us to basically donate our time and the money, for nothing, and you can’t even get the  date right? It’s so ridiculous to me. They offer like 25% if it sells, or would you like a ticket to come and cry and watch your stuff sell? It’s painful. I’ve done it three times now, and this was the last one. It will be the last one forever. The two before, I was pumped. I got the People’s Choice award two years in a row, and I was like, fuck yeah this is cool. That was when you didn’t have any option to get a commission, you just got a ticket. I had to fight tooth and nail for a second ticket, which I never even ended up getting.
I was surprised because I thought maybe that [piece] would bring a little bit higher bid, since I had won that award, and I was like, ok this’ll be cool. It was something that normally I would’ve sold for, I think $2,000 and they started the bid-this was back when they didn’t have reserves-they started the bid out at $100.  I think it ended up selling for like $250. Then they had the gall to come over and get me from the table and be like, “Shaine, this is so-and-so, they just bought your piece, would you like to meet them and shake their hand?” Fucking hardest handshake of my life.


#1 sheepherder on 11.14.15 at 7:50 am

Shaine ???? I thought your birth certificate has Scott on it!!

#2 The D@ily Spin on 11.15.15 at 9:12 am

It’s a company town. You can’t have art in your cubicle. The wrong date works like rigged elections. It’s the best way to keep the indentured help without exposure to outside influences. I suggest an artists enclave in Canton. They’re better known for individuality hence creativity.

#3 anominous on 11.15.15 at 10:20 am

I couldn’t find any inspirational passage relevant to this situation in my own personal copy of “Jesus Calling”, so I had to turn to the Bible instead. Sorry, everbody.