Ellis and Young with the Argus Leader did a couple of great stories today about the cycle the homeless get into with the legal system in Sioux Falls, essentially trapping them in jail and the legal system all over a ticket they cannot pay.

SouthDaCola has been suspicious for some time over the ‘weekend roundup’ that is occurring in Downtown Sioux Falls, turning mentally├é┬áill and addicts into criminals over a trespassing ticket.

In out Part II interview with Sheriff Milstead we touched on it (FF: 12:30)


One Thought on “The Transient Roundup?

  1. The D@ily Spin on November 9, 2015 at 11:10 am said:

    There’s a 1265% increase in transient arrests. Proof there’s a homeless problem. The city doesn’t pay for the jail nor do they pay litigation and court cost. Of course they’re going to round them up if there’s no cost. The homeless want 3 squares and a cot. Jail works when there’s not enough food lines and shelters. The city zones them out of town. It’s a death march to find and reach them.

    It’s time the city pays for use of the jail and prisoner medical/legal expense. There will be fewer arrests and help for the prevalent social fallout. It will cure the false arrests problem. Now, anyone can be imprisoned with a bogus charge. You pay thousands for a lawyer and the charges get dropped. There’s no repercussions. Not even an apology.

    The tyrant mayor regularly denies freedom to citizens who speak up against him and don’t play tennis. It’s a free country except for inside Sioux Falls city limits. Where’s state government and the ACLU?

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