Bill Janklow’s Ex-Son-In-Law worried about a quorum. LMAO!


“So I got pardoned by my father in law?”

Small town politics in South Dakota often make me chuckle. The Hartford email kerfuffle has been entertaining (and prove anyone can govern, whether they have brain waves or not).

But I found this comment from Bill Haugen, Bill Janklow’s former son-in-law that he pardoned, hilarious;

But before it was complete, Johnson resigned. Which, Councilman Bill Haugen believes brings forth more issues.

“We no longer are bale to have a quorum,” said Haugen.

In November, two other city council members stepped down after controversy erupted over a petition to recall Mayor Bill Campbell.

“So, I’m not really sure where we go from here,” added Haugen.

Cuz, like, my mentor is dead. What shall I do? Maybe they can pardon Bill Campbell?

You know what they say, all Bad Bill’s come in 3’s.


#1 rufusx on 01.13.16 at 11:18 pm

Yes, actually, it is pretty funny/typical small-town politics. Since the council in fact does NOT have a quorum, no one can even be appointed to replace the resigned councilmen – because there is not a quorum available to approve the mayoral appointments. The city is thereby stuck where they are at. They have NO GOVERNMENT in Hartford – at least none that can take any action. Until such time as elections can be held. But it’s difficult to say if they can even have an election – since there’s NO QUORUM available to approve an election date. 🙂

#2 scott on 01.14.16 at 10:15 am

time for the police chief of hartford to declare martial law!

#3 Detroit Lewis on 01.14.16 at 10:38 am

I’m surprised Ruf hasn’t gone over, stuck a flag in the front yard of city hall, and declared the city his.

#4 matt johnson on 01.14.16 at 11:19 am

unlike sioux falls where we can have meaningless meetings- the only item on the agenda for the charter revision meeting today is to approve the minutes of the last meeting when will they approve the minutes of this meeting? or will they try to slip in some new business?

#5 The D@ily Spin on 01.14.16 at 11:40 am

Perhaps this is a new method to deflect attention away from Sioux Falls corruption. Maybe not but why is this significant when there’s so much to report here.

#6 Owen Meany on 01.14.16 at 3:40 pm

Detroit, that’s a total cheap shot. Not snark. Not sarcasm. Just a cheap kick in the nuts.

#7 l3wis on 01.14.16 at 4:25 pm

You are right. I’m sorry Ruf. I won’t by so hard on you in the future.

#8 Winston on 01.14.16 at 10:12 pm

LOL on this piece…. 🙂

You know it’s pretty hard to fight city hall, when it doesn’t exist. All the more reason those of us in Sioux Falls should be concerned about the lack of candidates for the next city election.

But back to Hartford, hopefully they will get their act together soon…. and here is some advice for them when they do, so they can move forward with their economic development dreams….

FF: 16:38

#9 less acidic young BBG on 01.15.16 at 1:53 pm

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