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I was interviewed today by KSFY about the Tuthill shooting incident;

Blogger Scott Ehrisman said “it still concerns a lot of people that if in fact there was someone there, that after a year, there’s a person who supposedly pulled a gun, on one of our police officers and is free, and never was caught.”

To my surprise, the very question I have been asking was answered;

The scene at Tuthill Park on Tuesday afternoon is quiet, much like the case of an officer involved shooting at the park. According to Sioux Falls Police Chief Matt Burns, that case is now inactive.

So when was the Police Chief going to officially let the public know they were (unofficially) burying the case?

Funny how these things go.

2 Thoughts on “Tuthill shooting case now ‘Inactive’

  1. New police chief, same lack of accountability to the public.

    It was probably a trigger happy officer, fresh off probation that fired a shot at some kid who set off some fireworks who took off running and is too scared to come forward, or he shot at some neighborhood cat.

    Either way it stinks of a cover up and we’ll never know what really happened. Other Cities release dash cam videos and officer radio audio, I’m still amazed at this City’s level of secrecy and the citizens willingness to accept it.

  2. i12doit on May 9, 2016 at 7:04 am said:

    Disclaimer: These are rumors I have heard and should not be believed without someone further investigating them. Good luck though, with the City Administration releasing any real info. There is supposedly a lot of things the public doesn’t get to hear. How about the time the officer was apparently shot at by 49th and Kiwanis? That was probably a rock from the tire of a passing vehicle. Is that one closed too?
    Or the rumor that an officer (Sgt.) forged the Chief’s name so he wouldn’t have to go to Iraq saying he was needed here by the Police Dept.? Allegedly this officer (Coward) was given the option to leave the force or get fired, but where were the criminal charges? Then rumor has it he landed a cushy job as head of Security at a local college. This was all just rumor to me but time wise the pieces of the puzzle seemed to fit and there was an former Sgt. that did become head of Security at a local college during that time. Odd he would just quit the SFPD to take the security job… This is all speculation but in Sioux Falls corruption can happen due to the public not having access to conduct of it’s gun toting enforcers. If this is true, it’s a slap in the face to the honorable officer’s who do their best to protect the public but have to deal with a corrupt city administration.

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