Gotta hand it to Avera when it comes to ‘policing’ smoking on their property;

An Avera spokesman said employees are not allowed to smoke on any Avera-owned property, whether it’s the main campus or other properties it owns in the neighborhood.

“Our policy hasn’t changed but we can’t afford to have somebody sit there and patrol it all the time,” said Jay Gravolt, Avera’s director of public relations.


BAHAHAHAHA! But the hospital can afford to give thousands of dollars a month out in FREE meals to PUBLIC employees (SFPD) who park directly in front of the property involved (to go feed their faces on sick and dying people’s money). In between loading their bullet proof vests with multiple cartons of milk and feeding their faces on the private health dime, because apparently the city pays them so poorly they can’t afford a sandwich or the brown bag to put it in.

Can’t afford to patrol it? Maybe give a couple of extra monster cookies to the piggies and ask them to go over and ‘butt’ these people away.

Gravolt said hospital security and administrators often give verbal warnings when they see people smoking on Avera property, but they can’t police public sidewalks.

“We can’t control the right of way,” he said.


But the SFPD can, and littering on public property is a crime.

By l3wis

6 thoughts on “Avera’s statement is laughable”
  1. Don’t pick on police. You’ll get falsely arrested. There’s no internal affairs and complaints get trashed at city personnel. Sioux Falls jail is the new Guantanimo.

  2. The best way to handle smokers is the present. Sneers and disgust from the public works. Mandate they smoke in port-a-pottys away from buildings. The methane gas explosions solves the problem.

  3. It’s insanely laughable! It’s all about image. We’re a health facility, and now we have to make it look as one. Mean while, we see that our chances of getting staff infection is greater than second hand smoke giving us cancer.

  4. There are always people smoking immediately outside the front door at Avera in Aberdeen. Usually female, some of them staff in scrubs.

  5. Seriously, SFPD lacks professionalism and there’s no reprimand procedure. The safest place in town is the bad neighborhoods where they don’t go.

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