“Sorry, Jesuz, I can’t wear this hat to long, it’s disrespectful.”

You’d think Councilor Rex Rolfing was wearing a hat with it lingering that long. Oh that’s right, that is against his ‘ethics’. But changing a clear and concise vote 10 minutes later isn’t. And Mrs. Ethical herself, Erpenbach backs up his foolishness.


5 Thoughts on “VIDEO: SF City Council’s longest brain fart

  1. The D@ily Spin on March 11, 2016 at 7:05 am said:

    This is a 25′ half acre strip. It’s a pipeline without facilities at the toxic landfill that’s city property miles from the west city limits. Higher channels (especially the PUC) can make this happen without city authorization. Why so much attention?

    Instead of this item, how about voting on an exterminator to spray for crickets at Carnegie?

    Get the council back to voting on one day liquor permits. We’d like to see them involved with large project competitive bids but the mayor awards those before there’s the idea or a location. It’s safe to assume there’s a new city administration building without a vote of the people and excluding the council. Same same as for Denny Dome & the Fish Bowl on federal property.

  2. Attaboy Rex, you sure tried to give a voice to the voiceless with your March 8, 2016 City Council discussion on the Dakota Access pipeline easement. Problems arose as usual because it is the Still our city council and we still have da mayor but consider how many of the members with you really didn’t want to be there at all on Tuesday night. Sometimes, grand gestures take coordination and planning.

    Most important thing not on the official agenda, was South Dakota State getting ready to play basketball with an 8 o’clock tip-off at the Denny.

    Crickets were busy during the meeting because several people were not ready for the work they should by now know how to do. Da Mayor was getting ready to dance in his chair a few times to get things done.

    Confusion with 3 agenda items seem to start everything out right away, then we got to Rex’s grand gesture vote. He did not realize the votes were not there to allow a safe grand gesture. This creates an additional bit of reconsideration fun.

    For those sitting in the peanut gallery, it was quite entertaining and educational.

    Thank goodness the roomful of candidates for council seats decided to not use this night to do introductory public input like a previous night. By the way, have you seen all the new faces at council since January? Do you know any of them? It’s nice to see all the new faces to go with the names on the ballots. Too bad few of the newbies had to wait until they filed to find out how the Council works.

    The meeting ended at about 7:52pm, so there was at least 8 minutes to race to the Denny for tip-off. Can anyone check the police blotter to see if speeding tickets were issued?

  3. OMG! This is absolutely embarrassing, just like our roads… full of pot holes. I don’t know how you can sit threw that. It’s got to be torture!

  4. teatime on March 11, 2016 at 11:54 pm said:

    There is no way that this could be legal to do this, is there? Rex changing his vote, after voting NO, meaning he was against it, actually voted YES and would have done so in the first round if he had known that it needed 5 votes?

    This cannot be right. Where would one file a complaint?

  5. teatime on March 11, 2016 at 11:58 pm said:

    Dakota Access does not want to be friends. They just want to run their private pipeline over other people’s private land, who cares about the landowners. And Jamison’s comment about whether it is located by the landfill or “in a field somewhere”. As if in a field means a piece of land with no purpose. “In a field somewhere” is likely productive cropland. This is way up on the list of disgusting things this council has pulled.

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