Leave it to the bright eyed and bushy tailed to tell us what we have been saying all along;

“We need to invite the citizens into the City Council and make sure that their voice is actually listened to. If you go to a meeting right now, you’ll see that they’re completely disinterested in what we have to say,” Warren said. “That needs to change and that’s something that I will change.”

YES IT DOES. But it takes more then a campaign slogan, it takes petition drives, following officials with cameras and infiltrating yourself into city government proceedings as some of your competitors have.

As I have told others and council candidate Jacob Johnson tonight, we have a very good crop of candidates this time around. Though I have my favorites, I do think there are several that would do a great job if elected, even Mr. Briggs. But it not only takes courage but it takes experience and knowledge, and I want my next crop of city councilors to avoid a learning curve.

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