Kinda. That all depends where their polling places are. It is forbidden by Islam to vote in a church (I am told), doesn’t matter what that holy place is.

Many polling places are in ‘houses of god’ which I would think Jesus would reject.

In all fairness, I am a deist that doesn’t believe in religion, but I also don’t believe tax dollars should be expended leasing or renting churches for polling places when MANY public places exist that we already maintain with our tax dollars, and the only place voting should take place.

Let me make myself clear, don’t care what church you belong to, plain and simple, voting should only take place in public places that already are supported by taxpayers. Government buildings, schools, fire houses, etc.

Seems someone needs to school our county auditor on this.

4 Thoughts on “Can Sioux Falls Muslims vote in the upcoming municipal election at their precincts?

  1. Do you know if the county or city or whomever is actually paying churches or any other religious facility to use for a polling place? I don’t think there is any rent paid but I could be wrong. I concur that polling places should be in public places where feasible but I don’t think the argument should be based on tax dollars if they are not used to rent religious places.

  2. Reliable Voter on April 10, 2016 at 7:30 pm said:

    Many Muslims argue there is no such prohibition on entering houses of worship of other faiths.

    And before anyone heads down the religious accommodation path full speed, should election officials, for instance, require menstrating women not be allowed to enter voting places because some faiths believe they are unclean?

    It would be great if there were enough public buildings with adequate parking, space, are handicapped accessible, and willing to act as a polling location. Schools are less willing because of security issues.

    I’m grateful churches continue to agree to serve as polling places. It’s extra work for custodial and office personnel.

    We’ve plenty of pressing problems with our elections in SD. I’m not convinced this is one of them.

  3. Absentee ballots provide access to anyone.

  4. i12doit on April 12, 2016 at 2:41 pm said:

    Separating Church and State is necessary. There is ample evidence that the City and County don’t want voter’s outside of the Christian realm. These tactics using Christian churches to vote in, giving out cash by the City of Sioux Falls Police Department (while armed and on duty) on behalf of celebrating Baby Jesus, the sluggard nature of sending out the voter mailings so close to the election date and serving pork sandwiches at the park during City Celebrations are four examples of blatant obstruction by both the City of Sioux Falls and its big brother, Minnehaha County within whose bowels it resides. This is not just discrimination. It’s extreme discrimination using diversionary tactics. I can’t imagine what goes on behind closed doors. I don’t even want to think of it. How many people of other belief systems are going to want to apply for City and County jobs OR run in elections of such a rigged Christian monopoly? However, being in a state that came in 49th out of 50 for lack of accountability, a person can’t really expect anything other than hate and bigotry from the Klan type atmosphere. Thanks Mayor Mike for supporting diversity, NOT! Just think of where we’d be without freedom of speech with these prejudiced knuckle heads who wipe their brown eye with the Constitution that was paid for by ultimate sacrifice and blood. This shows the respect that they have for the Military who protects their candy asses.

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