I couldn’t agree more with this letter writer;

Whether you agree or disagree with this project, Councilor Erpanbach’s words are a clear admission that her head is fully engulfed in sand and she has no intent to represent the people’s wishes or adhere to the right to petition within the First Amendment.

She pulled the same crap with the snowgate petitioners making citizens wait over a year before they could get them after approving them overwhelmingly, by delaying that election. (Item #31 of the December 18,2012 city council meeting);

  Sponsor: City Council


A motion was made by Council Member Greg Jamison and seconded by Council Member Kenny Anderson Jr. to adopt said Resolution.


Vote to adopt: Roll Call: Yeses, Greg Jamison, Kermit L. Staggers, Kenny Anderson Jr., 3.  Noes,  Michelle Erpenbach, Dean Karsky, Rex Rolfing, Sue Aguilar, James Entenman, 5.
Motion Failed.

4 Thoughts on “Sioux Falls City Councilor Erpenbach just doesn’t get it

  1. A good writer.

  2. Some of us remember the evening of December 18, 2012 well. We remember Erpenbach’s attempts to silence the speakers during the meeting. Her control of the discussion only made the activists more involved. How many people died of heart attacks during the following winter were caused by the leadership’s resistance to the people desire to vote.

    The snowgates are now attached to many plow blades every winter. To a person like Erpenbach, who likely does not see the working end of a snow shovel, these devices are still probably not worth the money spent. 70% or more of Sioux Falls residents might feel otherwise.

    As someone who openly tries to work with the City Council, the snowgate petition and election taught us much about the authoritarian approach to Sioux Falls governance. It also taught us how to fight their approach.

  3. The D@ily Spin on August 18, 2016 at 10:17 am said:

    Erpenbach is always the hard line exception. In the next election, time to permanently retire her.

  4. And she wants to be mayor?!

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