I’m willing to give Mr. Nesiba the benefit of the doubt and let the courts decide his fate and not a bunch of republican bloggers;

According to court papers, Nesiba allegedly attacked a woman he met on Facebook and met with in-person a few times.  On the day of the reported incident, the victim says Nesiba tried taking her shirt off.  The papers also say Nesiba told the victim, ‘You don’t need those pants,’ and began to unbuckle them.

For full disclosure, I know Reynold. I actually met him when he was running the successful petition drive to get rid of Rounds’ fleet of airplanes. We have had many interesting conversations, and to tell you the truth, we don’t agree much. But I do give him credit for being frank with me. He often disagrees with me on city politics.

I try not to blog about these things because I believe people deserve their day in court. I also think that there are other ‘factors’ and ‘people’ involved in this case that would not normally be involved, which leads to suspect.

But I will give this advice to my readers;

• NO really means NO.

• Innocent until proven guilty.

By l3wis

5 thoughts on “Jumping to conclusions”
  1. It is interesting that this is happening at a college. Were it a male student there would be no presumption of innocence on the school’s behalf- he would be gone with a chance to ask for reinstatement. Here, the employee gets to go on voluntary leave.

  2. Matt, it didn’t involve any students or faculty, this occurred privately between two adults outside of their work places. I think AU is doing the right thing until this is settled in court.

  3. It’s ‘He said, She said’. His career could be ruined if it’s false charges. Is it time to date with a witness? Dinner for 3 is hard to find a table and expensive.

  4. The irony – as a candidate he relied on support from Planned Parenthood volunteers who argued his ” my body – my choice” positions made him the superior candidate.

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