Sioux Falls Legislators Jamison & Nesiba on Dakotanews

It was refreshing to hear a Republican and Democrat share their feelings on the upcoming session. Notice they both have reasonable answers to the problems we face and how those opinions are pretty similar. I have argued for a long time that Sioux Falls is somewhat an oasis from the rest of the state, dare I say even cosmopolitan when compared to other districts. It’s just too bad our city government can’t stop acting like lazy cavemen.

I have been optimistic for quite awhile that the charges against Nesiba would be dropped;

Sexual contact charges against Democratic legislator and Augustana University professor Reynold Nesiba have been dropped.

The Minnehaha County State’s Attorney’s Office announced Thursday afternoon that further investigation into the allegations against Reynold Nesiba revealed “inconsistencies” in the evidence about the Sept. 26 incident from which the charges stem.

This is something I was made aware of early on, and why I encouraged people to let this play out on it’s own before casting any guilty judgements towards Reynold.

Since I am not privy to all the details of the case, I am not going to share anything.

I will say this though, this seemed to be a hit job by either the SD GOP or the Pay Day lender folks or both. It also seems some people who work for either law enforcement or the courts helped the media to smear Reynold’s reputation. Of course this is all speculation, but very peculiar considering the charges were dropped before it even got to court.

This is why it chaps my hide when people like our governor talk about how people were hoodwinked by IM 22 and that their is no corruption in Pierre. He is either in a total state of denial, flat out lying, or both. I hope Reynold uses his vindication as a lightning rod in the legislature to thin the herd of all the snakes slithering around on the capital floor this legislative session.

A few weeks ago B-N-B and Too Late Todd were wondering how Stormland TV got a copy of a warrant for Nesiba’s arrest so quickly. Yes, public information, but the timing seemed suspicious.

I found a copy of ‘On the Gavel’ newsletter from 2010 with a feature story on our clerk of courts. (DOC: 2010fallnewsletter)

I’m not making any accusations here, ANYBODY in the office or law enforcement could have tipped off Jorgi. Heck, he might have just been hanging out down there at the right time. I just found her past employment interesting to the topic. I will admit, having insiders (like I do with city hall) is helpful when trying to investigate and digging up dirt.


Like the mysterious truck driving past the grassy knoll in Platte, Stormland TV had to get the scoop. But were they out of line? And who tipped them off?

B-N-B (Bad Neighbor Belfrage) and ‘Too Late’ Todd are on it;

I joined Greg at the end of the program where we discussed what we know, which is far outstripped by what we don’t know. Like:

  • Who tipped off KELOLand TV? It had to be someone in the courts or law enforcement.
  • Who has an interest in tipping off KELOLand TV to embarrass Nesiba
  • And why did KELOLand TV act in such a reckless manner, potentially endangering Nesiba, the public, law enforcement and the TV station’s own crew?

Greg is calling for an investigation. I agree.

And one last point: Suspicion of the media isn’t just an East Coast or West Coast thing. It’s happening right across the street.

Stormland TV has pulled this crap in the past, to make it look like they are getting the big story, sometimes as it turns out, nothing, or next to nothing is really happening. This is why I try to stay away from criminal cases, unless government officials are involved in corruption or fraud. Remember the Gant/Powers debacle where the media wouldn’t touch the story for months, even after the chiding of a state senator. A he said, she said case between adults is a private matter for the courts. Jorgi and Stormland TV really need to concentrate on real stories from now on.