Like the mysterious truck driving past the grassy knoll in Platte, Stormland TV had to get the scoop. But were they out of line? And who tipped them off?

B-N-B (Bad Neighbor Belfrage) and ‘Too Late’ Todd are on it;

I joined Greg at the end of the program where we discussed what we know, which is far outstripped by what we don’t know. Like:

  • Who tipped off KELOLand TV? It had to be someone in the courts or law enforcement.
  • Who has an interest in tipping off KELOLand TV to embarrass Nesiba
  • And why did KELOLand TV act in such a reckless manner, potentially endangering Nesiba, the public, law enforcement and the TV station’s own crew?

Greg is calling for an investigation. I agree.

And one last point: Suspicion of the media isn’t just an East Coast or West Coast thing. It’s happening right across the street.

Stormland TV has pulled this crap in the past, to make it look like they are getting the big story, sometimes as it turns out, nothing, or next to nothing is really happening. This is why I try to stay away from criminal cases, unless government officials are involved in corruption or fraud. Remember the Gant/Powers debacle where the media wouldn’t touch the story for months, even after the chiding of a state senator. A he said, she said case between adults is a private matter for the courts. Jorgi and Stormland TV really need to concentrate on real stories from now on.

5 Thoughts on “Did Stormland TV over step their bounds?

  1. Sources are a constitutionally protected right, which the courts have granted to the press.

    We can debate its practicality and the issues which it raises, but when it is all said and done that confidentiality which has been established by the courts is paramount in my mind.

    However, we should all be more concerned about a possible set-up involving this case, than any “tipped them off” concern.

    Hildebrand spoke unintentionally to what I think is the real issue which we should all be cognizant of with this case in a recent interview:

    FF: 01:04 and especially 01:32

    Oh, and as a side note, it took me about 30 minutes to find this KELO story through Googling and with the help of my good memory, I must admit. I miss the old Keloland website which had an user friendly internal search engine. If Keloland really wants to be some new founded investigative unit of the fourth estate, then they might want to start with some transparency of their own which would facilitate their viewers and concern citizens with a better search engine for their past news stories, like they had with their prior site….. It’s just a suggestion….;-)

  2. The Don on November 19, 2016 at 3:46 pm said:

    The reporting on this has revealed that the warrant was public information on the County website before the arrest was made so it literally could’ve been anybody who saw that and tipped off Kelo. Who knows they might even have reporters scanning that themselves? Regardless, they were clearly out of line by going to the campus and confronting him like that. Not smart.

  3. But weren’t they most likely tipped off to the execution of the warrant by a government official, if they beat the law enforcement officials to Augie as they did, which is not public information on the website itself, is it?

    But regardless, its the alleged set-up and not any tip-off that should raise our true curiosity….. Is it payday or is it now payback?

  4. The D@ily Spin on November 19, 2016 at 4:36 pm said:

    Asking to ‘help take your pants off’ is crude but not sexual assault or rape. In rape cases, the victim can be kept confidential. For this, the 50 year old woman should be named. Faced by your accuser is a constitutional right to force this case dismissed. The 20 or so women who came forward about Trump gave their identity and a statement. This woman ruined a man’s reputation and career. Come forward.

  5. Joy Tuscherer on November 10, 2017 at 3:50 pm said:

    The victim in this case is a close friend and I guarantee you it was no set up and according to the definition of rape under SD Codified Law she was raped. Nesiba admitted to it in his text apology to her the day after and then this rapist called her and left a voicemail with another detailed apology. I was her court advocate and directed her to invoke Marsy’s Law – the first time ever in the SD courts – and in Jan – long before AG Jackley interpreted the law. The judge not only allowed her to testify but when she went off the rails, I was allowed to speak and invoke Marsy’s law. During the protection order hearing in April Nesiba tripped all over himself during testimony and his pricey lawyer, Clint Sargent, acted like a schmuck – and he was my personal attorney at one point in my life and that was not his style – very dismissive and objected to everything she question she asked. I was her representative, but am not a lawyer, so at one point he had me sequestered from the 3 plus hour hearing. When the perverted professor took the stand I made the only sustained objection during the proceedings. In the end Judge John Pekas believed the victim and granted her a 5 year Permanent Protection Order. So although criminal charges were dismissed, he was prosecuted and found to be a danger to the victim in a civil court. Don’t look for conspiracy theory it isn’t there. What we have is a rapist still considered to be so dangerous that there is a 5 year permanent protection order against him. And we had a victim with the courage to come forward, challenge the courts and the state’s attorney’s office on the implementation of Marsy’s Law. A victim who could no longer live in a crime scene and a year to the date of her rape moved across the country. If you blame the victim you are part of the problem. It doesn’t matter if you are Democrat or Republican the professor commonly known on campus as the “perverted professor” gets to keep his job and his Senate seat. For now — I am not done with him.

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