Anybody but this guy is fine with me

To be quite honest with you, I may stay out of endorsing or helping a candidate this time around. I had a discussion this weekend about the candidates possibly running;

Kenny Anderson, Greg Jamison, Jim Entenman, Darrin Smith, Rob Oliver and Michelle Erpenbach. I have also heard of about 2-3 ‘ghost’ candidates. Even disgraced former Deputy Secretary of State is getting into the speculation game;

But what I do keep hearing – and did so again tonight – is that former Republican Legislator Christine Erickson who had said “no” before might be softening her no into a “maybe.”  And it might be a strong maybe at that.

I’m glad Pitty Pudge could put down is double whopper for a moment and get with the times. I asked Christine about a mayoral run several months ago, and her response was that she was going to ‘keep her options open’.

It’s not that I don’t think any of these people are qualified for the job, I just don’t think any of them really stand out. And councilors have a horrible track record of winning the mayor’s seat.

I think the next mayor is going to have to be a true populist with economic savvy and an appetite for transparency and someone who is willing to invest in rebuilding our core while putting urban sprawl on hold. While the race is technically non-partisan, I don’t think a Republican or a Democrat can manage a city that way, it will take an open minded independent who is willing to listen to all sides of the table. They are going to have to also deal with the financial mess credit card Mike has left behind.

But to anybody who is willing to run, I wish them luck.

By l3wis

5 thoughts on “Sioux Falls 2018 Mayoral Race”
  1. Certainly not ‘Credit Card Mike’. He’s term limited for mayor but also not for any future office at any level of government. I’d like to add Councilor Starr to the list. He held with Stehly on the 6100 petitioners vote and he’d put more focus on the troubled northeast side of town. The 6100 is a prominent voting block that should keep Erpenbach out from any future office. Darrin Smith, you’re kidding me. Every post he’s held at city hall has been short and a disaster. He’s the one you promote so you don’t have to work with him. The unelectable type when you must fill an unnecessary vacancy that absorbs some of the blame.

  2. Greg Neizert if he could get over turning his back on the petition signers. I feel that’s something he will be hit with for a while.

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