So where were the missing files Shantel?

Maybe he was hiding the files in his cheeks?

While I appreciate SOS Shantel Krebs cleaning up the disaster called Gantless & Pitty, there is one tiny little question remaining, WHERE or WHO had the files?

Now, a year and a half later, Krebs says all the documents are back on a brand new site, on a secure State server.

Remember when Pitty was playing the musical servers with his website, traveling all over the country on a little farewell tour? Makes you wonder if these files (owned by the state and taxpayers) were sitting on private servers for anyone in the private sector could view AND/OR use for business purposes?

Of course we will never know, now that Shantel cleaned it all up. And as much as her faction of the SD GOP may hate Gantless & Pitty, they will always have their backs in the coverup.


#1 filehunter on 03.09.17 at 7:20 am

It is amazing we can’t find mainstream media willing to actually dig into the real story. Some of know a lot more of the story but no one wants to see how bad it really is.

#2 TCMe on 03.09.17 at 8:48 am

Some companies still do not have historical data. What the heck? I thought all historical data was returned.
SOS is a joke. Gant was a catastrophe!!