Sioux Falls City Council Clerk’s wife, Jennifer Greco is running for Harrisburg School Board

Well, unlike her husband, I hope she registered to vote before enlisting herself 🙂

As I understand it, Jennifer and Tom live in Sioux Falls but are in the Harrisburg School District.

Today, Harrisburg announced that the HS principal, Lein, resigned to take a job in Iowa, but it seems he may be embroiled with a little controversy stirred up by Mrs. Greco;

The next day, Lein was back at his desk, arm in a sling, hugging students and fostering the “Harrisburg Strong” mantra.

And Lein himself has been strong in the face of a group of Harrisburg High School parents rooting for him to leave.

The “Parents for HHS Change” Facebook group had about 150 members as of Wednesday morning.

The group is rooted in opposition of MOD classes and administered by Jennifer Greco, who is seeking a seat on the Harrisburg school board in the May 9 election.

“There is a little faction that exists of parents that were upset and certain folks that definitely had an ax to grind with (Lein),” Knudson said.

Greco said the main feeling among group members Wednesday was that Lein’s resignation was a positive for students who don’t participate in customized learning. She hopes to see change in what she calls a divided culture at Harrisburg High School between traditional and MOD students.

“Dr. Lein is clearly very invested in making customized learning work, and that’s fine,” Greco said. “But I just also want to make sure the traditional program works.”

Kind of wonder if Jennifer sent any middle of the night ranting email to Lein about her military service and sick kids like her husband did to Cameraman Bruce 🙂

She had this to say on her FB page about her opposition to CL;

Many know that my interest in running for a seat on the Harrisburg School Board was sparked by concerns about the divisive culture in the high school. After meeting other parents and hearing their concerns, I am afraid a similar atmosphere is permeating throughout the district as new curricula are being introduced in our other schools.

To run for an elected office focusing on ONE issue is never a good idea, but it seems South Dakota voters continue to elect those kinds of people (Republicans, Guns & Abortion). Hopefully the good people in the Harrisburg School District realize that ONE-ISSUE candidates are not qualified, kind of like a retired military official running a city clerk’s office, I’m just saying.


#1 Scott D Hudson on 04.19.17 at 3:11 pm

You should check out Jeni Mc’s commentary about this subject (and their secret anti-MOD FB page) on her FB page.

“Apparently Jennifer Greco for Harrisburg School Board & a group called “Parents for HHS Change” has championed an attack on the principal of Harrisburg High School 41-2 – SD. I’ve been told this group of parents has driven the on going attack by adults and students against MOD/CL students. I’d like them to understand that their behavior, and what they’ve encouraged in their children drove my child out of the school. With out Dr. Lein, I fear where she would be at now, if we would have her with us at all. Thankfully we were able to pin down the hate directed at children like her, and rescue her in time. With out the direct intervention and support of Dr. Lein, and the exemplar educational offered by the MOD/CL program my child would potentially have left school permanently earlier this year. Instead, as a junior, she has maintained her 3.6 GPA, is already pursing her post-secondary education in a professional field, and engaging in real world activities on a daily basis.
People like this group, who rather than lift up, support and provide drive to their own children – people who would attack and degrade a smarter, faster, more elegant child like my own – they disgust me. My only positive is that I hope she can learn from their example, exactly what kind of force NOT to be in our community.”

She went on to personally call out various members of that FB group, and a couple of them responded in predictably condescending fashion.

#2 l3wis on 04.19.17 at 4:35 pm

I’ve suspected for a long time that Mrs. Greco’s connections are what got Tom his job. In fact, one of the assistant city clerks applied for the job, and with her multiple city clerk certifications she was well qualified for the position, probably over qualified. But as you know, it’s who you know in SF, not what you know.

#3 scott on 04.19.17 at 5:49 pm

who is she, and who are her connections?

#4 The D@ily Spin on 04.19.17 at 6:50 pm

A bad City Clerk is one who provides the wrong petition form. A bad school board member is one who alienates the district.

#5 Anon on 04.19.17 at 6:55 pm

Thanks for the info Dacola. I live in the H District and have a child in elementary. Going to have to learn more about this issue.