In a very strange move, Mayor Mike, who just recently banned publicly hugging him, wants to be suddenly ‘transparent’ about his personal life by telling us about a jog he took last weekend in Fargo;

“Running certainly helps, but citizens lifting me up always prove more fruitful and memorable,” says Mayor Huether.*

In fact, the mayor’s communications person Haterr Hittadog, decided to send out a press release explaining some of the other things the mayor did in his personal life over the past couple of weeks;

  • Mowed his own lawn. He was heard telling the neighbor kid, “I got this.”
  • While standing in line at Milky Way he noticed a young colored child didn’t have enough for an ice cream cone, so the Mayor decided to pay it forward. It was Chocolate/Vanilla twist of course, to promote diversity.
  • Picked up an empty pop can at Falls Park and recycled it.
  • Navigated traffic on 57th street to help a mama duck get her ducklings across the street safely.
  • Gave up his parking spot at the Huether Tennis Center for a young family that was attending a youth BB game at the Pentagon. Mike said, “We don’t get a lot of Non-European mini-vans in the lot, but it should fit in the space okay.”
  • Helped to weed a community garden last Wednesday afternoon.

Hittadog went on to say that the mayor is going to start sharing more of his personal life on the city website. Huether responded by saying, “I guess if I’m going to start sharing my personal life more with my constituents, they are going to pay for that media.”

*Seems Mikey was a little chapped about my comment last Tuesday about “Going for 11 mile runs and hoping the problems go away.” Instead of running next time Mike, call a WHAAAABULANCE! That is if there is one!


2 Thoughts on “Mayor Mike wants to let you know what’s going on in his personal life

  1. The D@ily Spin on May 23, 2017 at 2:03 pm said:

    He’s so nice he rounds up the homeless on weekends. They get 3 squares and a cot but it’s at county expense. Should he charge a tourism tax (today’s newspaper)? Of course, he can veto the council and voter petitions are ignored. There’s a serious character flaw when he penalizes citizens but sells it as Good Samaritan.

  2. Does the post really say “colored child”?

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