Unlike the City’s Propaganda Network’s version, Cameraman Bruce’s version has the Q & A portion of Press Conference.

BUT, BUT, BUT, we’re contract compliant. Don’t question us, we’re following the letter of the contract. Does it mean we have to show up? Does it mean the clock starts at the right time? Does it mean the ambulance is called immediately? Does it mean my loved one or me will be able to get to the hospital in time? Nope, because we’re contract compliant.

It doesn’t make us feel any better if you do say “BUT, BUT, BUT, we’re contract compliant” louder and louder from some high spot in the road where someone is laying. Just because you are trying to talk over us doesn’t mean you are right.

Jill Franken, our Sioux Falls Health Department Director, held a presser on Monday, July 10, 2017 to make sure we know Paramedics Plus is contract compliant. As City Council Chair Rick Kiley points out in front of our camera, even when it looks like they cook the books, 536 times on 544 is still a problem. But you know, the wambulance is contract compliant. Listen for the interesting phrases she uses to make it all better in their minds.

We’re still wondering about the approximately 300 priority calls in a two month period sent to the phantom 980 ambulance. Did you get to ride in the 980? Let us know.

2 Thoughts on “Ambulance Report Presser (with Questions) July 10, 2017

  1. The D@ily Spin on July 11, 2017 at 3:26 pm said:

    There seemed to be a good presentation and responsible answers. What disturbs me is City preference for Paramedics Plus. In general, city contracts are not competitive and awarded via the ‘buddy or bribe’ system. Paramedics Plus has a national reputation for bribery. Why should we not suspect this here? Just me, but I’d like to see two ambulance services with nearest satellite located unit getting the call. It’s an answer for more units, faster response, and cheaper cost (less distance). For Huether terms, we’ve learned not to trust city hall. They’re deceptive with selfish intent that misappropriates public funds to the point there’s always underlying fraud.

  2. It might have been a good presentation if you did not know the underlying issues they were working to cover-up. It was funny to watch Jill scramble through her books trying to figure out what to say. She knew there was nothing in the administration’s script for actual questions presented, so she struggled.

    Several in the press did ask good follow-up questions because someone broke the veil of sacred question space.

    The presser was the usual PR farce. As pointed out repeatedly in the Tuesday City Council Informational, every councilor must vote for the rate increase. Got that? EVERY COUNCILOR MUST VOTE FOR THE RATE INCREASE. None of them is allowed to vote against it or Paramedics Plus can sue the city for breach of contract.

    A Councilor standing up for patient care vs contract compliance would cause the city to not be contract compliant. Go figure, a businessman mayor would feel it is more important to be contract compliant (causing further injury or death to people) than to actually serve patients.

    So just remember this as your loved one or yourself is suffering because the wambulance isn’t showing up or worse. Making you walk with your broken hip to drag out the process because there is a better paying transfer to do is not patient care. Think about it as you are finally riding in the ambulance and they take you to the hospital they want to take you to, not the one waiting for you. Their corporate lack of care is a reason the Fire Rescue personnel are telling families to drive their loved ones to the hospital, don’t wait for the wambulance.

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