As I am sure the producers of the poll would tell you, this is unscientific poll due to many factors (not all registered SF voters, multiple votes, etc.) But it is a good starting point

Results are as of NOON, 3/8/18

TenHaken 35%

I guess it doesn’t surprise me that Paul is leading in the poll. While I don’t agree with his campaign, he does have an enormous social media presence. He is also the candidate I hear the most discussion about.

Jamison 31%

Personally this doesn’t surprise me, I have been speculating for a couple of weeks that Jamison will be in the runoff. While I don’t hear his name mentioned, I think it is because Greg has wide support, and the people that are going to vote for him have already made up their minds in the General Election. When people bring up Paul or Jolene to me, they always have a lot of questions.

Loetscher 23%

This is about where I have had Jolene for awhile. 3rd Place. But don’t under estimate Jolene, she could easily knock TenHaken out of the runoff. She is a very savvy and determined person and these results may just fuel her fire to work harder. Like I said above, I hear a lot of discussion about Jolene.

Entenman 8%

This actually surprises me. I have THOUGHT for awhile that Jim was the frontrunner. Maybe the $75K infusion of his own money was a sign he knew he was a little behind the 8-Ball through internal polling. Don’t underestimate Jim either. He is well known in the community, but mostly with the established business class. I don’t think his business involvement hurts his candidacy, I think only serving one term on the council when he could of easily served two terms may have hurt voters perception of him.

Anderson 2%

I actually had Kenny a little higher on the scale than this. But this also shouldn’t be a surprise. Kenny is being out spent by his opponents. Personally if I was running Kenny’s campaign I would tell him to definitely stay in the race to help drive the community conversation, but I would also encourage him to openly endorse Jamison BEFORE the general election.

Gunn 0%

Mike is a virtual unknown in the race and it is no surprise he is in last place.

There was also some questions about policy.

Crime comes in first place, but what surprises me is that Development & Growth outweighs Transparency and Roads. It also surprises me that Roads are so far down on the totem pole.

We have also known for a long time that affordable housing is very lacking in the community. I have said this has more to do with wages than actual housing costs. I also believe property taxes are too high in Sioux Falls, and with the prospect of building several new public schools on the horizon, we may see those taxes rise even more.

Like I said, this is an unscientific poll, but it is revealing in many ways.

6 Thoughts on “KSFY’s Mayoral Poll has some surprising results

  1. My Mistake Mike on March 8, 2018 at 3:00 pm said:

    Excellent analysis across the board.

    Because Kenny served on the council with Jamison and Entenman, I believe that his endorsement prior to April 10 would carry more weight that just the 2% support he shows in this poll. He has experienced the personalities and work ethics of both men. I believe there could be an important role for Kenny in the next administration. Just not as Mayor.

  2. l3wis on March 8, 2018 at 3:34 pm said:

    I thought the same thing, Kenny would be excellent as a special projects person. I could seem him heading a diversity committee or an exploratory committee on public transit or public ambulance service or both.

  3. The D@ily Spin on March 8, 2018 at 4:59 pm said:

    So much competition and campaign spending for a job that lasts 4 or 8 years. Then, they (like Hanson, Knobe, Munson, and Huether) disappear. Is Ex Sioux Falls Mayor a witness protection program sponsored by developers?

  4. l3wis on March 8, 2018 at 5:55 pm said:

    As I have said early on Jim seems to be campaigning in the same style as Costello did. We know where he ended up. Fourth Place.

  5. The D@ily Spin on March 8, 2018 at 10:14 pm said:

    TenHaken is prominent with TV spots. I think he’s off presenting the macho family and ad crook image. If Jolene gets out there with digital billboards and some TV, I see her in the runoff. Jamison has a following but he’d be meek replacing corrupt city directors. I favor Anderson for his military background but you’re right, he’s better in a support category.

    How about this: Jamison and Anderson steer their votes into Jolene. They and the soccer Mom vote could get her elected.

  6. I would expect TenHaken and Jo to do well in a poll like this. An internet poll is right up the alley of a “Millennial Candidate.”

    I too am surprised by Entenman’s weakness in this poll, however, I really don’t know why I think he will be in the runoff, but I guess it is just a gut instinct. But I think this weakness speaks more to how and why he would lose in a run off then whether he would get into one, however.

    But if Jamison gets into the run off, then whoever he is running against will definitely win. Jamison’s success in this poll speaks to how his name is a brand-name more than it is a momentum or an eventual success story. I still think that Jamison is the “low energy candidate” in this race and that is why he will never win.

    Kenny’s problem is that a member of his family has not run citywide since, when, 1989? And he currently has no visibility.

    And Gunn, well, this is just not the right time for someone to run for political office with the last name “Gunn.” 😉

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