Decorum starts with the dais at city council meetings

Take off your hat and be respectful towards the mayor and city council, but we can act however we want, here is a great letter to the editor about it;

Regarding the City Council meeting on April 3, I was very disappointed and disillusioned by the words spoken by the councilors towards Councilwoman Theresa Stehly, concerning her request for the records of safety studies done at Falls Park. Their remarks were unprofessional and inappropriate, as was the passive attitude of the Mayor during these remarks. To sit there and “gang up,” chastise, accuse and “scold” a fellow council member, was nothing short of bullying.

It doesn’t take a political science major to see the writing on the wall. No matter how the information is obtained is not the issue. The fact that the public sees it, in order to better provide safety for all people visiting Falls Park, is the issue. It was so uncomfortable to listen to each councilor, excluding Pat Starr, publicly shame Stehly. Shame on them. That type of schoolyard behavior should never be tolerated anywhere.

I support Stehly and all the research and information she provides to the citizens. She has been nothing but an asset to the council. The words the ministers pray before each meeting seem to fall on deaf ears. Theresa Stehly doesn’t just talk the talk, she walks the walk. And for that, I thank her.

Oh, the precious invocation started by Benjamin Franklin (a deist) to calm the lawmakers before a session started. Yes kids, it had nothing to do with religion.

“Before I sit down, Mr. President, I will suggest another matter; and I am really surprised that it has not been proposed by some other member at an earlier period of our deliberations. I will suggest, Mr. President, that propriety of nominating and appointing, before we separate, a chaplain to this Convention, whose duty it shall be uniformly to assemble with us, and introduce the business of each day by and address to the Creator of the universe, and the Governor of all nations, beseeching Him to preside in our council, enlighten our minds with a portion of heavenly wisdom, influence our hearts with a love of truth and justice, and crown our labors with complete and abundant success!”

Funny how over 200 years later, the invocation still doesn’t work. Ironically they don’t have one at the Minnehaha County Commission meetings, and they get more work done than the city council, with less fighting and with less money.


#1 D@ily Spin on 04.19.18 at 9:34 am

Council meetings compete with the CIRCUS this month. Carnegie Hall can’t support the elephant in the room. A few ‘Council Clowns’ ate to much rack of lamb and can’t fit into the clown car. They’re soon replaced with new contortionists. The ‘Ringmaster Mayor’ ran out of honorability and will be replaced with someone who can keep up with 3 rings of government and tighten the ropes holding up the tent.

#2 Peter "Mega" Pischke on 04.19.18 at 2:15 pm

I like Franklin, and would rather label Jefferson with the Deism than Franklin.

Nothing wrong with a deist btw

#3 Ljl on 04.19.18 at 2:17 pm

I recommend the new council and the nutty bunch have monthly picnics together. Bruce can be-I mean bring the fruitcake.