Sioux Falls City Councilor Kiley on Main Street Café this Morning

KSOO Radio’s Main Street Cafe with Chad and Beth had as special guest Sioux Falls City Council Chair Rick Kiley on April 6, 2018. LISTEN HERE.

The discussion centered on Public Input during the City Council meetings without touching on why people are showing up. Instead of trying to talk about the important issues being brought up during the citizen inputs, Rick only talked about his hurt feelings.


McKenzie; you’ve done away with I think I agree it’s a very important part of the meeting I just think that we’ve lost all decorum it’s gotten to the point we’re expecting you guys to sit through a video of toy trains with the three stooges doing some sort of Nazi salute* at the very end of it or somebody who’s done a rap video that’s uh that’s a waste of time that’s not what public input was intended to be at least in my opinion so I agree with you I think the public input released remain but my question is does it have to be on television does it have to be carried live on Sioux Falls on your cable channel**

*This episode of the Three Stooges is one of their most famous, it was making fun of fascism and dictatorships, not promoting it.

**CityLink is on Cable. But it is also public access paid for by the very people who speak at public input.

Kiley; well you bring up very good points Chad and I would agree that the examples that you just just cited that’s not productive time that’s not using our time productively or the citizens time productively especially for individuals that are attending the meeting because they have important items that are going to appear later on the agenda.

*The people who speak at public input own the city government just as much as the people that are there to do business.

There’s been cases where we haven’t finished a few times it’s been after 10:30 close to 11 o’clock and sometimes that’s due to the length of public input sometimes that’s due to the length of input during the different items as well but and much I much of the input over the years has been very valuable

*No where in the charter is there a ‘time limit’ on meetings. If they are getting long the council can take a short recess or recess to the next day. They have that right. They also are getting paid to be there unlike the public who shows up on their own time.

but as I mentioned lately here we’ve reached new lows and unfortunately I do believe that it’s probably going to be looked at very closely with the new administration coming on and what kind of changes could potentially be implemented I’m not sure what those may be you bring up some good suggestions.

*I hope changes are made. I told Bruce recently that as soon as the new mayor is elected I am going to sit down with them and explain the importance of public input. I’m also going to tell them that it won’t be the same because the person causing the turmoil will be gone. As long as the next chair is dedicated to open and transparent government, they will have no concerns about public input.

Others have too by the way the story that you posted to the KSOO website a few days ago that’s been picked up by other blogs as well and comments have been made in and for most purposes I know the comments that I’ve seen have been favorable towards what you what you have written.

*Actually the comments have been about 50/50 with most people agreeing it is the chair that has turned this into a circus. In fact, when Kiley ran the meeting about a month ago in the absence of the mayor, public input went swimmingly.

It’s obvious something does need to change but it’s very unfortunate that there’s really just a small group and I mean three to four people that are driving this change the need for the change I would say it’s become personal it’s now to the point where for some reason it’s become a personal thing they’re out to purposely embarrass the City Council and the mayor for whatever reason and it it’s uncalled for it doesn’t need to be yes unfortunately for the mayor it’s it has to be difficult to sit in his seat night after night and take that kind of abuse and there’s been some directed toward the City Council but not nearly as much as what’s been directed towards the mayor and I would tend to agree that it is personal it’s now a clash between individuals that do not like one another and it’s just unfortunate and it’s serving absolutely no purpose it’s big it’s turned into a mockery and that’s not the way it was intended to be well we should be able to have people attend with their children we’ve had Scouts and Girl Scouts and other individuals bring their children the smoking issue brought families in and then had to have them exposed to this kind of behavior it’s not only is it embarrassing but it is just not right.

*So now government is PG rated? In a Democracy things are messy, and I think it is a great civic lesson to the young people that are attending.

Hosts; and Rick to you one of the things I’m concerned about is if a citizen would like to address during that time that they may see themselves as not wanting to be grouped in with the others that are also providing that public input and so people with a concern I don’t like about tree trimming or something are not going to go there because they don’t want to be seen as part of that group best you bring you bring up a very good point after witnessing what happened there there was another lady that I had not ever seen before at public input and I’m quite certain she did come up but I’m quite certain she was wondering what she was getting herself into at the time and we don’t want to discourage individuals from addressing their City Council we would like them to feel that they’re free to do so well Rick we appreciate you making some time for us this morning and addressing what was on our website earlier this week I hope that the new City Council and the new mayor addressed this and something can be done about it.

*Actually I think we have empowered a lot of people to come up and speak. I have been speaking for over 12 years at council meetings and I am often complimented on my testimony. The only person intimidating people from speaking is the chair who stares people down and makes smart ass remarks after they speak. He recently told an attorney that he should be ‘better prepared’. Really?

Kiley; I truly do well I hope so too and I hope that the citizens have realized this isn’t a reflection of a good work that the City Council is performing and when I say that I include the mayor there have been a lot of good things that have come out of our meetings and out of the whole process but it’s easily overshadowed by just a few minutes of very gear responsible behavior.

Hosts; Thank You councilor we appreciate it thank you okay have a good day councilor Rick Kiley chair of the Sioux Falls City Council joining us this morning here on KSOO.


#1 Sierra on 04.06.18 at 6:38 pm

The interview is a joke when theresa called for point of order on the mayor and no one 2nd her I don’t see anything wrong with citizens lashing out to stop the mayor from breaking the rules . If Huether woulds listen to the citizens concerns behind closed doors we wouldn’t be at public input addressing him openly 2nd off these radio hosts since y’all wanna bring public input up has anyone of y’all gave back to the community by giving back and helping fight crime without a price tag. Behind it meaning doing it without being on some kind of a board and getting paid

#2 Sierra on 04.06.18 at 6:40 pm

I have done testified came to the plate and brought criminals to justice and still doing it .

#3 Fakenews on 04.06.18 at 6:48 pm

You just criticized Belfrage the other day for editing out their radio clip. Why didn’t you post the entire interview from ksoo and kiley. Let’s talk FAKE NEWS. Yellow journalism at it’s best. Your words lol

Hypocrites and frauds here on this blog…..

#4 LJL on 04.06.18 at 7:25 pm

The host nailed it. You folks have lost your damn minds, made it personal and cant stay civil. NO sane person wants to be lumped in with you sack of nuts. Hence. You’ve ruined the public forum.

I think Chad has a good point. Have a 1 hour open forum at 5:30, no cameras and start the regular meeting a 7.

#5 The D@ily Spin on 04.06.18 at 8:08 pm

Councilor, the public pays you and they expect to be heard. If you don’t want to hear us, be absent. You’re the only candidate in your district. You can’t be fired. Just sit home and cash our checks.

#6 Scott D Hudson on 04.06.18 at 9:13 pm

Good god, the “what about the children?” argument.

#7 "Very Stable Genius" on 04.07.18 at 12:36 am

We have a City Council that cares more about a bunch of golfers, than the circumstances surrounding a dead working class construction worker. Yet, there are some, civic leaders among them, who now show great concern about the theatrics of public input.….. Well, actually not any more concern than say for the needs of upper middle income and affluent golfers, however, but still more than the circumstances surrounding the Copper Lounge collapse….

The theatrics at our current public inputs before the City Council speak of a growing frustration to what our priorities are as a city and where we are going. They do not speak of a lunacy, rather to a leniency of the truth, and where somehow our troubles are asked to be negated by merely canoeing beneath a new arc of alleged dreams and promises….

#8 Bruce on 04.07.18 at 11:08 am

To those who are worried about catching 90 seconds of introducing bs, send us cash before the interview starts so we have a contract. If you want to save interviews and give them to us to post, wonderful.

#9 Fluff McFluffin on 04.08.18 at 6:56 am

Sierra, you have done nothing but hurt the process. Your efforts are drowned out by your inappropriate actions and methods. Have you considered taking your SJW tirade to another city? I’m sure there are plenty of them that would need your “help”.

I’d wager that most citizens outside your group that may want to address the council, including me, wouldn’t put forth the effort because the mayor and council get turned off so fast to the forum by your rants that it drowns out the regular person’s voice. I agree with the above that you and yours have ruined public input.

#10 Ace on 04.08.18 at 12:02 pm

I agree with the statements above by LJL and McFluff. I’ve watched many public input sessions and am generally sickened by the display. Every meeting the same few people get up to deride the council and administration in a very personal manner with no opportunity for either to respond. This serves no one and isn’t working. The present format for public input should changed.

#11 l3wis on 04.08.18 at 12:55 pm

Ace – I wish they had the opportunity to respond, but they put a rule on themselves that they would not. That is why Stehly called a point of order on the mayor. He shouldn’t respond since the rest of them cannot.

I wish it would go back to the old way. When Munson was mayor they would frequently respond and either answer your question, or correct you. That’s open government. Of course De would wait until I sat down to remark 🙂

I hope whoever the next mayor/chair is we change the way it works now, because the public is frustrated by the ZERO response they get now.

#12 Ace on 04.08.18 at 2:15 pm

Thank you for your well reasoned response. I see your point as well. Just talking directly with each other and sharing more detailed info could make a big difference.

#13 My Mistake Mike on 04.09.18 at 10:34 am

I must have missed this in the interview … the part where Chad & Rick share with listeners that they are good friends, neighbors, golfing buddies … all for the cause of full disclosure and transparency. Certainly, they shared this relevant info … right?

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