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5 thoughts on “Replay of Patrick Lalley Show”
  1. My message for Patrick. I am a loyal listener. Rarely live, my honey do’s are not quite done yet, but I do catch a good percentage of your podcasts later in the evening. You are head and shoulders better than your counterpart in the radio talk show arena. That being said. I was very disappointed in your last show before your vacation. The ten haken and Jolene camps had both made mistakes. The media could have gone either direction in campaign miscues. They all, you, the argus, the networks chose to pile on Jolene. You all gave ten haken a get out of jail free card on the illegal campaign contributions. Sure, you all gave it’s 15 seconds of media attention, then on to the precincting, non stop. Want to bet within 8 years precincts it will be a reality? Anyway, this is what you had to say about 6 year olds making $1,000 campaign contributions.

    “Its within the law, it happens all the time, that part doesnt bother me.”

    I doubt it is within the law. No, it does NOT happen all the time, and that part should bother anybody with a moral compass.

    That being said, I knew Jo had little if any chance in the runoff after the Argus article about who won what where in the first round. I expected about a 10 point victory for Paul, but thanks to the last week of mudslinging by all media, it turned into a route.

    Disappointed to say the least.

  2. Hey Warren,
    Thanks for the kind words. In response to my quote, it does happen all the time in campaign contributions where many members of one family make up-to-the-limit contributions. I’m talking about federal races, primarily, but it also happens at state and local level. It may not be right, but it happens. I don’t think there’s any sort of age limit. Personally, I don’t have a problem with it as long as it’s properly reported. I don’t like contribution caps in general. I’m much more concerned with special interest groups and PAC contributions which make it impossible to track where the money comes from. Both candidates made mistakes in the last couple weeks, no question about that. I was bummed that I wasn’t around for the stretch run. It was rich with news. But you know, Italy called. Cheers, Patrick

  3. Hey Patrick,
    I do like your show. Don’t get me wrong. If you happen to win the new mayors monthly update sweepstakes, will you hold him accountable, or will you put beach balls on a t-ball stand, like belfrage did the last 8 years for huether?

  4. Patrick, I like to think you will hold his feet to the fire. But after your last interview with him, I wonder. I’ll pass that off as you just being anxious to get the hell out of Dodge, and on your way to Rome. Anyway, don’t let him pull any fast ones on you. Many times when belfrage let huether out and out lie, he said nothing. Either he was woefully unprepared or just kissing up. Either way, I expect much more from you. Good luck.

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