13 Thoughts on “Fall 2018 Stehly Report to be featured in SF Shopping News

  1. Thanks for posting this Scott! In this report we will talk about some important details in the $190 million school bond vote and several City Council /community issues. Page Five in the Shopping News. Finding ways to connect the community to the information.

  2. Thanks. Why pay for the Argus Leader when they deliver the Shopping News to my house for free.

  3. Is the Stehy report available online?

  4. Matthew Paulson..right now you need to find a shopping News that comes out this afternoon!!!
    Happy reading.

  5. Every Tuesday, my Shopping News paper boy commits a federal offense by hooking my SN to my mailbox.


  6. How many people read the shopping news? Hard for me to believe that is an effective use of communication with the public.

  7. Circulation of the SFSN is between 60-70,000 and is around for a week.


    The daily circulation of the Argus is a little over 20,000 with a higher number on Sunday.


  8. Sure, but does anyone actually read them? It’s easy to have a large circulation when it’s a free newspaper. No one ever asks to get it delivered to their house. Ours always ends up in the trash.

  9. Actual readership probably follows the web traffic to a certain extent. Website views the last 6 months —

    Argus: 733k
    Shopping News: Not enough data to report

  10. First off, the AL is a daily NEWS paper. The SN is a weekly SHOPPER. The AL’s traffic is probably higher, but not because their daily is pushing traffic. Most stories go online 2-3 days before they even print in the paper. Most people who read the Shopper read it for it’s content and to grab grocery flyers not to be driven to the website.

  11. I think you are right that many folks grab the shopper for the coupons, and read the classified’s. I can’t agree that a significant number of folks read the content.

  12. Stehly paid for this out of her own pocket, that is quite a commitment to healthy civics.

    You may disagree with her policy preferences, but you have to admit that Theresea Stehly is a class-act!

  13. I am just unsure why she would limit her publication to a local shopper. Why not stick it on the web and make it accessible to everyone?

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