Thank you Mayor TenHaken for not talking about the golf tournament

If there is one thing I do appreciate about Paul, it is his modesty. Even a guy who is really into sports hasn’t graced our TV screens about the big event. Can you imagine what our former mayor would have been doing and saying? He even held a press conference once about the PBR event (with his cowboy hat on backwards).

Our local TV media has gone bonkers. KDLT has had the least amount of stories even with a former NCAA golfer as an anchor (maybe they are not getting the Sanford ad dough?) But KSFY and Stormland TV have been over the top.

Is it newsworthy? Sure. But not only do they do stories about the tournament but they tie in other stories like pheasant hunting, weather, cooking, parking and on and on. I’m surprised they didn’t tie the recent homicide to a story about the tournament.

And the ironic part is the tournament hasn’t even started yet.

Is Sioux Falls that boring that the only story is a golf tournament? Notice how there hasn’t been a peep about the ridiculous 85% passage of the school bond. NO ONE is investigating. I guess golf is more important than fair elections.

Let’s face it, I know I have been rebuffed by people that the newsroom and salesroom don’t talk to each other, but I can’t even imagine the amount of money pumped into the TV stations over this golf tournament. It’s sickening.

I also find it a little ironic that probably well over $10 million is being spent to bring this in to raise around $200K for a charity that is under the control of the tournament’s sponsor. Hmmm, wonder if they got some consulting from Hot Harley Nights? **SNARK**, **SNARK**

When you have to bring a helicopter ambulance on the course to dry it out, you have to start questioning our priorities in this community. Not just societal but within our health systems.



#1 Paul ElevenHaken on 09.20.18 at 8:28 pm

I can’t believe they used the air ambulance as a blow dryer. Why not call Intek? They’ll make it like it never even happened.

#2 scott on 09.20.18 at 9:04 pm

not only would mmm be on tv daily regarding this, but he’d be in the foursome with arnold palmer, kelby, and t-denny. i hope people realize that their high insurance premiums are being used in part to pay for this. also, the hundreds of millions that medicare and medicaid pay as well, are spent on things like this, rather than reducing costs. so in effect, public tax money is being used to stroke kelby’s ego. if someone has proof that all the money came out of t-denny’s pocket, then please prove me wrong.

#3 JKC on 09.20.18 at 9:39 pm

I got an idea. Maybe they should always station a helicopter at the Minnehaha Country Club, which can pick up patients at 26th and Louise, then hop them over the MCC to an other waiting ambulance at 22nd and Kiwanis, which can then speed them to Sanford…. It seems to me that that would be faster than having ambulances do the end around MCC via 12st St. or 41st, right? I mean, if an emergency helicopter can be used to bail out some golfers and their water, then certaintly it can be used for some suffering patients in the area, too, right?….

Watching the Sanford helicopter move the water at MCC, was not only moving, but it reminded me that we don’t have socialized medicine, rather capitalized medicine driven, or piloted in this case, by profit… Oh, but that’s right, the CEO of Sanford recently claimed that it is hard to profit from medicine so that’s why they need the Sanford Sports Complex, that’s right, I forgot…. 😉


#4 SD Vet on 09.20.18 at 10:01 pm

It seems the mayor is appreciative and respectful of the opportunity and exposure that the Sanford International tournament brings to our city but ultimately it seems that he understands that there are much larger issues that command his attention and leadership in our city. The honest observer sees this man’s heart and mind are in the right place. The right leader at the right time.

#5 moses on 09.20.18 at 10:52 pm

Yes I saw slick Mike on tv the other night, I am so glad he is out of city hall.ME, ME , ME.

#6 JKC on 09.21.18 at 8:00 am

There is also something humorous or “Bill Murray” about all of this with the helicopter ambulance, the rain, the celebrities, and the golf course. It all appears goofy, or should we call it soggy golf instead? Perhaps, a movie could be made of all of this, too. They could call it: ‘CaddyBusters,’ or ‘GhostShack.’

I could image a scene in this movie where, Bill Murray, a former Vietnam helicopter pilot turned grounds keeper, could be flewing his whirlybird close to the ground to chase and spray squirrels with pools of dormant rain water, while abrupting turning and lifting his chopper just in time to miss Ted Baxter who is beginning to tee-off at the 13th hole, while Rodney Dangerfeld in the distance watches this all play out to his total dismay as he says, “Hey, be careful, that’s my buddy over at hole 13″…. “Gee, I thought those choppers were suppose to save you from a heart attack, not give you one”…..”I tell you, a guy can’t get any respect around here”…..”Oh, and I also hate it, when the sound of distant ambulances from 12th or 41st Street interrupt my golf game, too”…..


#7 NonProfit on 09.21.18 at 8:57 am

Can someone explain how they are allowed to pheasant hunt? I’m pretty sure the pheasant hunting season doesn’t start until middle of October.

#8 l3wis on 09.21.18 at 9:10 am

There is different rules on the reserves. They have much longer seasons and you have to get a license through the reserve, at least that is how it was about 10 years ago.

#9 D@ily Spin on 09.21.18 at 9:17 am

Sanford parted the water with a helicopter and saved the Israelites. The homeless are being fed with farm raised pheasants shot off season. It’s miracle upon miracle courtesy of a few overcompensated golf pros.

When are they leaving so god will stop the rain and we can get back to our pickle ball and ax throwing?

#10 The Guy from Guernsey on 09.21.18 at 10:40 am

Not only in the movie script, but perhaps IRL, Rodney Dangerfield’s character would upstage Kelby K. and his cadre of “coattail riders” and “hanger-ons” by arriving to the course in a Russian Mil V-12. “Hey, Krabbenhoft! Get your dinghy out of the way. Wang is going to show you the real way to dry a golf course.”

And, of course, the obligatory homage to the original Caddyshack, “I almost got head from Amelia Earhart!”

#11 The Guy from Guernsey on 09.21.18 at 10:49 am

On second thought JKC, it would be impossible to use Sioux Falls and its residents as the basis for a redux of Caddyshack.
Who would serve as the character template of ‘Al Czervik’, the rough-around-the-edges, irreverant developer who acts without any respect or regard to the sacred rituals and traditions established by the social elite of the city?

#12 l3wis on 09.21.18 at 10:50 am

This thread is quickly going into the gutter. Sorry for the bowling reference. ‘Shut the F’ck up Donnie!’

#13 l3wis on 09.21.18 at 10:52 am

“Who would serve as the character template of ‘Al Czervik”

Oh, a few people come to mind.

#14 D@ily Spin on 09.21.18 at 1:17 pm

Is somebody busy writing a screenplay for ‘Minny Ha Ha’ the movie? There has to be an Adam Sandler character. Chris Farley (RIP) would have been a good John Dailey. A helicopter dryer and kicking pheasants into the air so you can shoot them. You can’t make this stuff up.

#15 In the Hills plottings against the GOP on 09.21.18 at 8:39 pm

“A helicopter dryer and kicking pheasants into the air so you can shoot them.”

I think that is called the “Governor’s Hunt.”

#16 In the Hills plottings against the GOP on 09.21.18 at 8:48 pm

Who’s ‘Donnie?’ 😉

TGfG, together I think we could earn a Oscar someday until it is taken away from us due to a mis-announcement that the real winner was “Back to the Future IV” with a guess appearance by “Sloppy,” the water spreading chopper….

#17 l3wis on 09.21.18 at 8:58 pm

Make a white russian and enjoy.

#18 scott on 09.23.18 at 3:05 pm

kevin james now plays the chris farley roles in adam sandler movies.

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