Argus ED Board Chastises SF School District on transparency

While I applaud the Argus for writing this, I have a feeling it won’t change much;

It’s hard to imagine a public entity that necessitates transparency more than a school district, which operates under a compact of trust with families that send their children to school each day.

(The Argus requested to see the bids for the Construction Manager at Risk and the SFSD refused to give them to them citing state law ‘competive proposal process’. I find it ironic that they said that the state ‘doesn’t require’ them to give the information, but they could . . .)

It often surprises me that the SFSD wants our help and all ears when they need to pass bonds or more for teacher pay, but say very little when spending our money. ALL taxpayers (with or without children) should be deeply involved with public education, not just for fiscal reasons, but for the future of our children.


We are preparing a response to the SFSD about the half-ass information they gave us on the election. I will publish once we finish it.

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#1 D@ily Spin on 12.07.18 at 9:15 am

Construction Manager at Risk is criminal. It not only eliminates competitive bidding, there’s no comparison for what a project should cost. It’s time for Governor and state legislature intervention when the school board has become a 4th Reich.