The 2019 City Employee salaries was supposed to be posted already. Last year it was posted by Jan 8th.

I’m wondering if the delay has to do with some ‘rumored’ staff changes?

Supposedly the ADA Coordinator resigned this week, and two managers were hired to work under Jason Reisdorfer as an IT Manager and an Innovations Manager.

If any of this is true, all I can say is this is what happens when you hire someone with only a HS Diploma to run a massive department, they need some qualified people to do the actual ‘Heavy Lifting’. Maybe this is why TenHaken hired Beck? Not sure what bet he lost that forced him to hire T.J. TypeOver?

Not sure what happened with the ADA Coordinator. I do know that the past mayor did appreciate her in the position, so it may have been a ‘philosophical’ disagreement with the current administration. It is probably a very stressful and demanding job, and maybe she just needed a break? I also know that TenHaken has been mysteriously silent about his feelings about the LGBTQ community.

By l3wis

4 thoughts on “More staff changes at Sioux Falls City Hall?”
  1. Well we know tenhakens stance on the LGBT community, so it’s not surprising. I wonder if he will make pride this year?

  2. From SouthDacola 9/18/18: “Stehly was the dissenting vote. Her testimony was very interesting. She said Jason will be coming in at a salary of $147K, the same salary the past Central Services Director was making when she left. Jason is 38ish and has a HS Diploma. The past director had a BA in Business, a Master in Information Technology and 17 years experience in the field.”
    So, Ten Haken fired a seasoned, highly degreed business/IT professional, and replaced her with a HS grad/auto parts salesman/FACBOCA(Friday Afternoon Club Booze Cart Administrator) at the same pay. And now, 2 more managers are hired to assist him. . . . bringing the total to 3 persons needed to do the job of one previously?

  3. The ‘story’ is that some people left (not sure if it was because they quit or got terminated) so there was ‘money’ for the new positions and salaries. A real ‘Cluster’

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