I almost had a little tear in my eye when I read the below FB post by Jason Reisdorfer, the newly anointed Innovation Director with the city. He also believes God helped him get the job. It’s always important to thank the ‘Big Guy’.

As for getting things done, not thrilled about 5G, but that had more to do with lining Thune’s pockets and the Feds FORCING on us! Hopefully a Democratic Congress will do a full investigation of how the telecoms are screwing municipalities on the deal.

UPDATE: I was hoping Jason is motivated to start filming the Parks Board meetings as he told me he was working on a solution, and it looks like Jason and God made it happen: WATCH HERE.

By l3wis

5 thoughts on “UPDATE: New Innovation Director ‘Motivated’ by bloggers”
  1. “….and the neighborhood I reside in,…..” It’s taupe isn’t it?….I bet it’s taupe….

  2. Another precious snowflake in with an unearned salary.

    BTW….I have very good knowledge that Verizon has no plans to deploy 5G in SF… They are however making plans for RC to fix poor coverage area’s.

    This is gunna burn millennial mayors ass.

  3. Hope LJL is correct re no 5G wireless for SF.

    1. Chattanooga TN (ironically about the same population as SF) invested in their own fiber optic (wired) broadband several years ago & their investment of about $220 M has yielded about a $850 M return so far. Gigabit speed for about $70/mo.

    2. Longmont CO similarly set up wired broadband & now provides 1 Gigabit service for around $49/mo. Ft. Collins & Boulder CO are following Longmont’s lead.

    3. The truly “Smart Cities” are going with “wired” broadband instead of the health hazardous, energy consumption hog that 5G wireless is.

    4. Isn’t Sioux Falls already fully wired by Midco, SDN, et al. ?

    5. From my understanding, there really are no practical 5G wireless devices for use right now. 5G smartphones are an impossibility currently b/c the battery required for them is way too large.





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