You will see how the city plans to implement a pilot program for on-demand transit. As I have posted about recently, while the people using the on-demand service love it, it really isn’t equitable and doesn’t help more people. A total overhaul of Paratransit and regular bus routes would be where I would start instead of on-demand.

The presentation compares it to On-Demand movies and is you look at their scenarios you will see the cost goes up (at least that is how interpret it). I guess I will wait to see the presentation to fill in the blanks.

One Thought on “City of Sioux Falls to present their pilot idea for on-demand transit on Tuesday

  1. Busting my %&$ at Dave's Restaurant on July 15, 2019 at 4:36 pm said:

    Will these “on-demand transits” offer a free bottle of water, too?

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