Minnehaha County introduces new show?

I guess I have never seen this show before, so it must be something new.

Here is Inside Town Hall with 4 city councilors. When they talked about the Levitt I wanted to clap when the host, Madeline Shields said that there is ‘plenty of parking’ for the Levitt. Amen!


#1 An indecisive, but inspiring "Insider" on 07.15.19 at 1:32 am

Just how many more “Insides” can we dream up?…..How about “Inside Legacy and Lamont,” “Inside Sanford,” “Inside a Bunker Ramp,” “Inside Mayor Mike’s Mind,” “Inside the State Theatre’s 2nd and 3rd Floors,” “Inside Paul’s camping gear,” “Inside Out,” “Inside a Railroad Yard,” “Inside Scarlett’s,” “Inside Burgers” (Better than ‘In-N-Out’), or “Inside the Events Center’s siding?”

Besides, with more “Insides,” it will be easier for us all to take a side.

#2 scott on 07.15.19 at 2:11 pm

one of the biggest waste of taxpayer dollars is city link. watched by no one, yet those who work there make double what they would in the private sector.