What Happened to the Catalytic Converters on cop cars at city/county auction?

Cameraman Bruce asked tonight at public input at the Sioux Falls City Council meeting why the catalytic converters* were missing on the surplus cop cars and sheriff cars at the auction a few weeks ago. He wondered how they got ‘stolen’ in a secure public works lot. And why it wasn’t reported to the SFPD and investigated?


I guess the driveshafts were also missing on the old para-transit buses also and the flooded out lawn mowers from this Spring were on the auction to.

Once again, Hmmm.

*I guess these parts contain valuable platinum that can be sold as scrap


#1 Solid Platinum on 10.01.19 at 10:44 pm

This sounds like the scrap metal scandal from the Knobe era, huh?

#2 LJL on 10.01.19 at 10:59 pm

Quite certain it’s illegal to sell a car without one unless it’s be sold as scrap or recycle.


#3 D@ily Spin on 10.02.19 at 5:58 pm

They’re worth big bucks in states where there’s an inspection law. There’s platinum in them so they’re expensive to buy retail and in high demand used.

#4 Bruce on 10.03.19 at 7:46 am

LJL, the vehicles were sold AS-IS with titles to return them to the road. As I was speaking the mayor and city attorney strangly kept looking into the audience behind me, turns out the Police Chief and three officers in blue were sitting behind me.