Are people skirting building permits in Sioux Falls?

I found out today many people across the city are doing ‘projects’ on their homes without permits. Some of these properties have been reported to the city. Most of the projects are new roofs, but there have been reports of window replacements and even an entire house being gutted.

I guess one of the reasons this is going on is because the city has limited their building inspections. Not sure if that is true, but if it is, it seems odd. Building inspectors have less interaction with the public than police or fire does. If they are sitting on their butts at home, time to get back to work!

If our governor and mayor tell us we all need to go to work each day because hot dog makers, credit card hucksters and personal trainers are ‘essential’, it’s time they put their money where their mouth is and order all city and state workers to either be working full-time from home and if they cannot, report for duty. If anyone one is essential right now, it is people drawing a salary from taxpayers. If the rest of us can endure being exposed to Covid, the government workers should be able to also.

Maybe the Mayor needs to test his SOAR program out first on city employees?

The hypocrisy is unprecedented – and all reported from Noem’s $130K FOX News studio in the basement of the governor’s mansion.

When she was running for governor, my mother coined her as ‘Donita Trump’. How true it is. How true it is!

Maybe she should resign and hand the reigns over to Rep. Mike Saba, the only elected official in state government who is trying to fight through this crisis with calculated and studied approaches.


#1 John on 04.24.20 at 9:42 pm

Salty. Love it.

#2 D@ily Spin on 04.25.20 at 8:14 am

Is the city qualified? The city that failed when a building downtown collapsed and killed a young man. The city that approved an obnoxious home at McKennon Park. The city that built an unnecessary high rise parking ramp. The city that funded 6 private indoor tennis courts. There are cities with no permits process. They have problems but not like this. Elect Moses, let my people go.

#3 ??? on 04.25.20 at 11:03 am

In our neighborhood, we have a house with a half-built, unsafe deck. It’s a platform with no railings.

Someone reported them for not having a building permit, so they got one. They hung it in the window, then after almost a year, they took it down.

Even when there is a permit, there appears to be no follow-up.

#4 Just want to know on 04.26.20 at 11:27 am

Not trying to be smart but I have never understood how the tennis courts are private when anyone anywhere can play on them for an hourly fee without membership.