If you thought the lies the radical right wingnuts were spreading about Pat Starr were outrageous, it gets even better. While they may not be lying about what the ATF says about marijuana drug use, I have to say this is a pretty big steeretcccch;

In the current version of form 4473, on the BATF website, Question 21e, it asks firearm purchasers “Are you an unlawful user of, or addicted to, marijuana or any depressant, stimulant, narcotic drug, or any other controlled substance? Warning: The use or possession of marijuana remains unlawful under Federal law regardless of whether it has been legalized or decriminalized for medicinal or recreational purposes in the state where you reside.”

First off folks, whether recreational Mary Jane becomes legal in our state or not, I’m sure it will have ZERO affect on gun owners who currently use or will use in the future. It would be like telling out-of-state hunters we won’t issue them licenses anymore if they are drinking while hunting or enjoying some ‘ladies of the night’ after the hunt. I can just hear Bob the Banker from West Virginia, “Do you think I come to South Dakota every year to hunt a dumb Chinese bird that tastes like crap!? I come to hunt alright, but it’s a different kind of tail.”

So while the law may be factual and true, I doubt many gun owners will be calling the ATF to let them know that they are now buying pot legally instead of off the black market.

This is the kind of ridiculous crap the extreme radical right opposition cooks up, and what makes it even more funny is they think it will deter people. The people who already think like you are already voting against Amendment A, guns or not.

But hey, as I told someone today, one more reason to vote for Amendment A; Gun Control. And I would rather see more pot plants and less guns in our state any day of the week.

By l3wis

10 thoughts on “Is Amendment ‘A’ a ‘Secret Plot’ to ban gun ownership in South Dakota?”
  1. What are these guns you speak of? Every gun that I want to purchase is sold out, let’s not even talk about ammo. Hopefully Trump wins just so the run on guns and ammo slows down. Anyone got a pallet or two of 9mm or .40 S&W they want to part with?

  2. No guns no ammo. They fear a Biden win. But gun owners smoke pot? Really? Because one of their favorite song says: “We don’t smoke marijuana in Muskogee and we don’t take our trips on LSD”….

  3. This whole MaryJane debate has me worried about what all the inner city democrat entrepreneurs are going to do if big government takes over their main revenue stream? Does Dementia Joe have a plan to put in place to help all these non violent entrepreneurs when the sticky is legalized? What about all the “mules” that make a decent living driving drugs across the states in their Lincoln pickups? Think about all those school age Democrats in the inner city that supply their class mates with the good shit. How are they going to support their baby mommas?

    Vote no on these amendments to save these jobs!!!

  4. Republicans will never let gun control happen. Personally, I own a few guns. There should be a restriction on how many guns and how much ammo but that won’t happen either. Now you got me singing the Muskogee song all day.

  5. Why would you need to restrict the number of guns someone has? I know guys that buy a gun dang near every month…..and never shoot any of them. They just enjoy collecting them and looking at them…not for me, but last I checked, yep, free country. I too wish they would limit ammo purchases….so I can actually FIND ammo to shoot!

    You can only shoot one-maybe two guns at a time, who cares if I have 100?

  6. A pot smoking gun collector character would make for a great movie. The police would be confused not knowing which is the smoking gun. But then again, dealers (drugs) have had guns for years, have they not? Must protect their rights. #Muskogee (That’s for DS 😉 )

  7. Restrictions,

    I hope you lock your doors at night. Else, your hobby is a menace. But why do we need to limit ammo? It will never work, because the criminals will always have all the ammo they want. And if you ask me, having a 100 guns is like having a 100 chainsaws. #Why?

  8. You mean to tell me drug dealers don’t follow the letter of the law? Shocking I tell you. These non violent Democrat entrepreneurs need to be protected and kept out of jail at all costs. And if they are incarcerated, by golly, they should have the right to vote. I’m sure they are carrying a gun that they went through the background check to obtain, and isn’t stolen. They probably have a concealed carry permit, and would only use it if they felt there life was in danger. ie, when a cop pulls them over and they feal their life is in danger. 🙄

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