City of Sioux Falls puts out Garbage Survey

I find this SURVEY to be a bit odd. We have had a rule in Sioux Falls that haulers must pick up your cans next to your home for years, during they Covid they got an emergency exception, which was fine, but now it needs to go back. The issue I have is that they are giving NO discounts to the customers for saving labor costs at curbside. I have argued we need a municipal garbage system that contracts about 4 private haulers that split the city into 4 sections so all the garbage on your block can be picked up the same day by the same hauler which would save us significant money, not to mention tipping costs. It would also allow the city to cap the fees so we all pay the same. It could also consolidate those charges on your water and sewer bill.

I encourage you to take the survey.


#1 Erica on 08.05.21 at 9:51 pm

I have no desire to have a municipal trash service system here in Sioux Falls. I have lived in cities under such and I prefer having privately-owned operations from which to chose to use based on my needs/wants and what I am willing to pay.

The city is spending far too much time worrying about people having trash cans sit at the front of their garage. We all have trash cans and I dont think most of the people in the city are paying attention to their neighbors cans to care. If there is someone in the neighborhood that has constant trash piling up that is becoming a REAL issue, than the city can address that issue individually.

#2 Russia? on 08.06.21 at 10:50 am

Is that what they do in Russia Scottie? No thanks, free enterprise is just fine with me…even willing to pay a bit more for it.

#3 D@ily Spin on 08.06.21 at 12:34 pm

A municipal garbage service works elsewhere but never for here. Introducing another opportunity for bribes would cost more. Considering the way the city has mismanaged public transit, would you want them for this. The way to survive in this city is to look out for yourself. Keep the city away from as many services management as possible. They’re a necessary evil unless/until oligarchy returns to democracy.

#4 Very Stable Genius on 08.06.21 at 12:57 pm

The city should run it all at cost. That’s efficiency; a quality that capitalists should appreciate. Creating unnecessary markets demonstrates the phoniness of capitalism at times. Let’s not prove Marx right. Just as we don’t need too many bureaucrats, we also don’t need too many middlemen.

#5 LJL on 08.06.21 at 5:26 pm

I’ve long advocated for city getting out of the business of doing business, but this is one of the services that should be municipal. Having 4 haulers rumble down the street each week drives up costs and chews up our streets. Privatized waste hauling in large metro areas is just dumb.

#6 Stevarino on 08.06.21 at 5:32 pm

I’m not from the South Dacola area, but just happened to run up on this blog. Many of the ‘rightie’ and ‘leftie’ comments I see here appear to be a bit more civil than I find elsewhere, but I don’t know if the comments are ‘curated’.
But lest I digress, my comment is – Please stop it with the Ronnie Reagan ‘government is the problem’ chant. This chant didn’t make any sense then and it will never make any sense. When a US citizen says this, they are essentially saying – I’ve failed to do my duty to assist my government to head in the right direction and now I just want to whine and blame others.

#7 Stevarino on 08.06.21 at 6:15 pm

I will offer some of my 65 years of experience here for those that may care to make use of it. Possibly those dissatisfied with government supplied services aren’t informed on the different types of government service categories. Possibly, your government service ‘employees’ haven’t explained it fully. There are only 2 types of government services, so this lesson will be short. There are those services supported by collected taxes and those that are classified as ‘enterprise’. ‘Enterprise’ is another way of saying ‘money-making’. “Enterprise’ government services make money off of the services they provide and use this money to sustain the system and to expand the system as citizen demands increase. It doesn’t mean that Billy Bob at the turnpike goes home with a wad of cash because road toll rates went up. It means tht more services are offered or costs went up if there is an increase in enterprise ‘user fees’. Enterprise government services aren’t reliant on collected taxes.

#8 stevarino on 08.06.21 at 6:41 pm

Hey Mr/Ms blog owner/moderator,
Great blog service for you to supply for your local people.
Unfortunately, it’s not moving along quickly enough with postings and counter arguments as I need to keep me engaged.
Please try to bend the blog discussions so your governor doesn’t kill half the state’s population with her fanatical desire to be more ‘right’ than my state’s governor is on the Covid issue.
‘Owning the libs’ isn’t worth it if it’s done from the grave.
Take care.
Good luck and keep up the good work.