Sioux Falls City Council Central District Candidate announced this past weekend

I had heard rumors of another doctor running, but apparently it was a pharmacist from Avera;

My name is Jim Burzynski, and I am running for the central district seat for the Sioux Falls City Council. Come on down for a cup of coffee and sign the petition to add me to the ballot. Let’s get a new voice for the core neighborhoods that have been neglected for too long.

I’m glad to see Soehl has at least one challenger, and it looks like he is a professional who has support from the All Saints Neighborhood Association. Ironically, his wife, Dr. Connie Taylor works in the same department as council candidate Dr. Sarah Cole at Avera.

I’m actually surprised the cheese and wine Democrats are putting someone up against Soehl. But on the other hand if you look at Soehl’s lackluster record it shouldn’t be a surprise.


#1 Limousine Liberal on 02.16.22 at 10:59 pm

I once brought Labatts to a cheese and wine Democratic get together. You would have thought the beer would have turned them off, but, however, they were quite impressed by my potential foreign sophistication.

#2 Erica on 02.17.22 at 8:02 pm

So, the hospitals don’t only want to have all the power in the city, they actually want to control it all by getting as many as employees on the council as they can.

#3 The Guy From Guernsey on 02.18.22 at 9:21 am

Great to see a challenger to Soehl.

#4 The Guy From Guernsey on 02.18.22 at 9:24 am

Labatt is Blue.

So also is this candidate Blue (am I to believe the assignment of this candidate by the blogmaster as a ‘wine and cheese Democrat’?)

Even more Blue than this candidate, given their affinity to growing government and spending OPM for things far-distant from the proper role of a municipal government, the Mayor and the balance of the City Council. But many in this final group continue to masquerade as republican, content that membership in the social club which is republicanism in Sioux Falls will get them electedfre-elected to office … as long as they keep the flow of OPM into the pockets of chamber of commerce cronies.

#5 Limousine Liberal on 02.18.22 at 11:16 am

Molson might have been a smarter move, however. It has a smoother name and you can get it in a green bottle. The green bottle always gets them.