Besides the obvious signs, like very few absentee ballots coming in and early voting, there are some factors that may make this election a dud when it comes to people voting.

Just look at what the school district did, saying very little except on their website that there were 2 seats up for the school board and NO one challenged the incumbents.

The same could be said about the city’s role;

• Very little notice about voting registration or a sample ballot being provided only a couple of days before registration deadline and early voting started.

• A popular incumbent mayor who most people think will win with or without their vote (the mayor’s race is usually the driving force for people to vote).

• Several candidates with little name recognition. Most people have trouble naming our current council let alone new people running for the office.

• While the media has done several interviews with candidates, they have done barely any stories why it is important to vote in a local election.

• Luckily we have tons of great candidates running and remember Vote NO on both charter amendments and YES to Brekke, Pam Cole, Reistroffer and Ingle for council.

3 Thoughts on “City of Sioux Falls Election may be lowest voter turnout in years

  1. Very Stable Genius on April 2, 2022 at 11:49 am said:

    This is all the more reason as to why we should have just ran David against the Mayor. Don’t get me wrong, I am voting for Taneeza. She’s a good person and right on the issues, but many of the issues she raises are not the issues that win a mayor’s race here in river city. But if David had been the only opponent, we could have used apathy, and thus, low voter turn out, with the help of stealth voter registration and early voting to pull off a surprise win against the Mayor…. It was the only way he was ever going to be beat… Now, some may laugh at these thoughts, but I remember when we all laughed at the Ukrainians’ belief that they could defend their own country as well…

    ( and Woodstock adds: “Ya, those Ukrainians have some real balls, did you see where they snuck in, like Entebbe style, and took out a Russian oil depot, in Russia?”… )

  2. l3wis on April 2, 2022 at 12:22 pm said:

    I voted for David. I told someone last night that when I watch TV interviews with all 3, David is the only one to answer the question to the pint without rattling on about other crap that doesn’t matter. He is absolutely spot on about our police force and criminal justice and addiction issues.

  3. Very Stable Genius on April 2, 2022 at 1:17 pm said:

    David is a good and sincere person. I thought about voting for him, but once Taneeza got into the race the David strategy evaporated. So, I went with the candidate who will run a stronger loss, if that makes any sense. #ILikeThemBoth

    ( and Woodstock adds: (“I should have run”…))

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