I first saw this in the past city election and now with the failure of IM 27 that for some reason, Minnehaha County residents, mostly Sioux Falls, are not showing up to vote;

What the data does show, though, is a trend.

  • For whatever reason – likely, a complex variety of factors – the number of ballots cast in local midterm elections is increasing at a much slower rate than both the number of people registered to vote and the number of people coming to Sioux Falls in general.
  • Looking at turnout percentages, it also shows Lincoln County voters turnout at a higher rate than Minnehaha County voters and overall voters statewide.
  • Minnehaha County voters saw the steepest decline in turnout, dropping below the overall statewide turnout in the last decade.

I am not sure why more people are choosing to not vote in Sioux Falls, MC. I think the rhetoric over the past few years about your vote not counting is discouraging voters, we saw this with IM 27. I have no doubt in my mind that if it would have passed, the legislature would have gutted it to nothing, I think voters assumed that.

I have told people that if the county promoted more ways to absentee vote, the numbers would rise.

7 Thoughts on “Voter turnout continues to decline in Minnehaha County

  1. of the last 10 years of voting in Sioux Falls this last election was by far the longest line I have ever encountered. while the line did move fast (less than 30 minutes) it definitely discouraged voters. The other issue that was discussed while we were waiting was the fact the polling locations keep changing.

    I do have to agreed with you early voting or other voting options should be pursued and encouraged.

    as for IM27. my gut feeling is that the people who really wanted MJ have gotten their medical cards and didn’t vote this time around.

  2. Mike Lee Zitterich on November 11, 2022 at 2:49 pm said:

    Citizens in Rural counties and precincts historically have always shown up in huge numbers regardless of Federal, State, or Local Elections. The large urban centers genuinely only show up during Presidential elections, let alone where there are huge, more popular topics.

    Rural voters tend to vote on more personal matters such as property rights, sovereignty, and to enforce their natural rights protected by our 4 organic documents (1776, 1783, 1783, 17890.

    Look at the Meade County August 30th Vote to loosen up restrictions on Medical Marijuana, you would have thought ALL the Marijuana supporters would have came out in full force to loosen up the rules, however, 10.9% of the 19,000 voters only showed up, while the marijuana supporters passively elected to support the strict regulations by not showing up.

    Let’s face it, it does not seem all to popular for residents in large urban centers to show up to vote or Local Judges, State and Local Reps, let alone small community measures, as much as it is vote for President.

    Voting for President seems to be more of a “Statement” matter rather than expressing our voice locally, and by voting for President, there seems to be the mantra, that the President controls the entire country, so by showing up in large numbers is seen by this populist crowd to direct some sense of populist opinion onto the locals.

    Which is all fine with me, cause the more diehard, hardcore supporters of the constitution tend to be those in rural areas who care more for their sovereignty, property rights, and control, rather than the more populist matters of urban centers. Those in rural areas care more about the country, than those one time, occasional voters of large urban centers.

  3. Detroit bLewus on November 11, 2022 at 7:59 pm said:

    Lincoln county turns out because we have the money AND the power Libtards only want hand outs and 2 minutes to cry like babies once a week at council meetings.

  4. Very Stable Genius on November 11, 2022 at 9:50 pm said:

    Because Democrats have no true GOTV. I received a call just days before the election, where the caller hoped I was voting and voting Democratic. But I’m a high frequency Democratic voter, who should have been identified late last spring for the Democrats, then whether I had voted yet should have been identified by them in the final days, where they then should have asked, by phone or thru door to door canvassing, if I have voted most recently, or when I plan to do it.

    In 2018, Billie lost by 11,000 votes. Half of those votes could have come from Minnehaha if the Sutton camp and/or the SDDP had a true GOTV back then.

    Calling people and encouraging them to vote a particular way just days before an election is not GOTV. Rather, it is merely a telephonic form of glorified leafleting.

    You win elections by getting your people out. You do not win elections by trying to prove yourself to the other side.

  5. Brain Drain from S. Dakota on November 12, 2022 at 7:24 am said:

    IM26 Served as a voter de-motivator for some. They have legal cover to their drug but most likely still see their dealer. They have tuned out.

  6. Brain Drain from S. Dakota on November 12, 2022 at 7:25 am said:

    Oh! That’s right! IM26 & 27 supporters tell us it’s not a drug. It’s just a plant.

  7. ACinSFSD on November 17, 2022 at 9:23 am said:

    Yes. These days, Minnehaha Dems don’t begin campaigning until after Labor Day, and then all these local candidates spend 2 months or so scrambling to try to get to doors. This approach has been approved/accepted by candidates in gerrymandered Democratic districts who do not have to campaign for their seats, and for some reason all the candidates and campaigns have adopted it. Very frustrating to watch it play out.

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