This one has to do with employee privacy and monitoring.

I’m sure some constitutional lawyers could have fun picking this apart. I think this all came about when MMM banned my blog from city computers, in which Staggers complained and the site was NOT blocked to councilors sitting on the dais at the meeting.

The only part I would question is on the third page, 2nd paragraph. While someone could certainly alert HR that a city employee is posting something less then flattering about the city on social media, I don’t think they can ‘monitor’ private social media sites and I am surprised a city employee hasn’t challenged this crap rule written on a bar napkin (that’s what I call EO’s because they don’t mean crap).

City employees don’t give up their 1st Amendment rights once they become employed by the taxpayers, and I would also like to say that city employees have a DUTY to whistleblow when they see corruption, you are protected by Federal Law.

Calling your co-worker a fat bitch on Facebook? Not a good idea. Turning in other city employees for corruption, embezzlement, etc., always good.

By l3wis

2 thoughts on “City of Sioux Falls Executive Order 157”
  1. “This reminds me of that form that local Democrats want all local Democrats to sign”… ( “Personally, I miss the good old days when only the Republicans had forms like this”…. 🙂 )

  2. The city didn’t do anything about people’s social media content or usage. Even grigsby would use it during work

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