UPDATE II: I am adding this EO, because it goes with the line of power.

UPDATE: Mike Zitterich sent me this, thanks Mike!

Under Article 2, Section 2.03, you find the answer you are looking for:

The selection of interim successors in the executive order shall be at the mayor’s discretion from among department heads or city employees; however, the number and order of proposed interim successor designees shall not be effective without the advice and consent of the city council.

This is the line of people who would assume mayoral authority in case of an emergency. I think during the Huether Administration the Public Works director was number one. I also find it ironic that the person that is 2nd in line is the COS who has actually been running the city and signing multiple docs for the mayor. The Council Chair should really be 2nd in line (not sure if charter language would have to change to make that possible?)

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6 thoughts on “UPDATE II (add 202): CITY OF SIOUX FALLS EXECUTIVE ORDER 207 & Flowchart”
  1. What if a nuclear exchange plays out between us and say, Sioux City? Will the continuity of our local government be run from the Bunker Ramp (No wonder it was built.), or will they use the big white FEMA Relocation Center building, that’s out by the Amazon building?

    Also, when the Mayor is out on the bike trail dodging e-bikes and taking selfies, do the nuclear codes go with him, or does the COS take control of them during those brief interludes of self-indulgence and presentation?

    I also can’t help but notice that the chain of command, in the absence of the Mayor, suggests a potential limited neutron bomb act by a nemesis like Sioux City is most likely feared. Because notice a need to maintain public works over public heath since any potential neutron attack tends to kill people at potentially greater numbers while leaving the infrastructure under attack with far less devastation.

    Keep in mind, too, that given the fact that the Director of Human Resources is ranked higher than public health, that there is obviously a plan to protect and save city employees during such a neutron attack, but obviously far less of a plan to save average citizens in such an attack. With planning and development to be at the end of the rankings, because after such a neutron attack, who would we really be planning to be able to tax if the average citizens are gone? So, it’s obviously in the best interest of local developers to first save the infrastructure they have already built with the help of TIFs, knowing that almost all of the citizens would then be dead after a neutron attack, and thus not available to be further taxed or to be forced to pick up the tab for any potential further planning and development.

  2. Chief of staff is quite a joke, we need a city manager and we need council-manager form of government, yesterday.

  3. it should be that council chair would be inline to be mayor. none of the other positions are elected officials. although, the argument could be that the mayor was elected, so by extension, his minions were as well.

  4. Parks and Rec is number 5. It’s like those old Cold War movies where, after the first nuclear exchange, the only one left from the cabinet is a right winger from out west who is the Secretary of Interior, and thus, he becomes the new president.

    “….. We will rebuild our city with the help of e-bikes, tall grass, and recreation centers to lessen the stress for the survivors….”

  5. Lol also laughing at the parks director in this list. I think they only know how to tell people to mow grass, how to stare blankly at a wall and also be the most boring person and the ever. Second thought maybe that would make a good leader under an emergency is one with no personality

  6. A council chair would be a horrendous idea as most council have no clue what it takes to run a city or manage a crisis period

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