UPDATE: Forgot to mention Pride being held at the Canaries stadium. Several wondered why there was no alcohol at the event. I always assumed they wanted to make it more family friendly, but that was NOT the case. Besides being charged an atrocious amount for rent of the facility they got NO staff from the Canaries. SF Pride had to staff the entire event and I guess the Canaries said NO ALCOHOL since they would NOT be providing staff to serve it. Now, SF Pride could have taken out a temporary license for the event, but that takes a little planning.

I was shocked to see Kristi during Pride festivities. Cricket didn’t look so good.

By l3wis

2 thoughts on “UPDATE: Noem attends Pride!”
  1. But what about the goat? Nobody ever talks about the goat. It’s just further proof that our society has a major canine-ist bias. #Canine-ist #CatLoversBeware!

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