I’ll have to credit our police chief who I believe has been doing a pretty good job. I was happy to see the quick response with street closures. I believe this was a joint effort by SFPD, SFFR & and both Sheriff’s offices.

I have heard Chief Thum has been very busy cleaning house. A few months ago I heard the number of officers that have been ‘relieved’ of their duties was 25. The recent number is 38. Keep it up, takes awhile to clean up bad culture.

But I have been pondering the response to the floods all week as I have been riding the trails and seeing other storm damage.

Why can’t city employees be this responsive ALL the time?

The state ain’t much better, the commander in chief of our National Guard, our very own Sarah Palin, says she won’t deploy the NG because that is up to the counties.

Oh, Bullsh!t!

You sent them to the Texas border to lean on a fence for a couple of weeks, maybe a storm cleanup is a better use of resources.

But we know what cloth Noem is cut from, you know, the guy that has the morality of an alley cat . . .

Maybe the Orange Menace should open all his rallies with this song;

By l3wis

4 thoughts on “Emergency Response to Floods in Sioux Falls was great!”
  1. As the vast majority of people move away from traditional media sources such as local TV, radio, and newspapers, it’s more important than ever that the city stays on top of these situations. Look, I obviously knew it rained like crazy for a week, but I haven’t watched a local TV news in 20 years and haven’t heard a second of local radio since I stopped doing my weekly KRRO segments over a decade ago. Why would I endure that nonsense? And, of course, we really don’t have a newspaper these days. So I had no clue until I ventured out for an appointment on Saturday morning, and all of the dangerous spots were indeed blocked off. If only our snow removal services were handled so well…

  2. Wish he clould clean up staff and directors from other departments too and fire them also

  3. First, the reservations and now Union County will probably ban Noem from entering its political realm. I’ve heard of a man with no country, and that no man is an island, but Noem is a woman, a cowgirl, whose country is getting smaller, while her political island consists of a man named Cory and a once dog and goat, and a horse named No Return. #ItAllBeganWithCricket

    ( and Woodstock adds: “Say, did you guys see where Bill O’Reilly is coming out with a new book entitled: ‘Killing Cricket’…? ….” )

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