We were told that the new E-Bike ordinance would NOT go into effect until June 1st because the city needed time to put up new signage. Mainly at the trailheads and SPEED LIMIT signs. So when June 1st rolled around I asked where was the signage? A couple of days after my inquiry this goofy pavement PSA (that will melt in the heat) showed up a couple of places on the trail.

Government moves in the speed of snail.

Also, I love the top of the graphic compared to the bottom. It says SHARE, so wouldn’t you show what is ALLOWED in a big graphic and what is NOT ALLOWED in a small graphic? Seems scoldy.

I don’t think most people care.

I tried to take a pic of a dude tonight on the trail, but I was laughing so hard I couldn’t get out my phone. First off, he didn’t look old enough to drink, but whatevs, but this dude was riding an electric foot scooter on the trail balancing himself on a case of Corona bottles (like I said, doubt he was old enough to drink based on his beer choice and container choice, and safety precautions 🙂

By l3wis

9 thoughts on “So we waited several months for this?”
  1. Remember, ordinances need to have 2 readings as per state law, the 1st reading is an informational giving the public a chance to speak on it, to review it, and propose changes. The 2nd reading is the confirmation that the changes will be amended, let alone gives to any such opponent the right to challenge. Finally, no ordinance once adopted, cannot take effect for 30 days giving the people ample time to petition, refer back to the voters, let alone challenge the ordinance in the circuit court on constitutionality issues. Once this 30 day passes, pending any legal challenges, there is a imtemplation period the ‘government’ must utilize in order to put into effect, this could take a period of 10 to 30 days let alone any cost issues relative to the situation. It could very well be, due to inflation, the city government is having diffulty due to other market based issues in the supply chain. I would not lose sleep over it. Bring it up during public input, asking the city council to look into it.

  2. Look!
    There goes another class 2 E bike on the Public Recreation and Multi-Use trail !
    They have been on the Rec Trail for over 2 years now but just recently got
    “Approved for use”.
    Isn’t that great ?
    Now, evidently, you can now take your class 2 bike out and not turn a peddle.
    You can just throttle along in electric bliss while the FAB have a cow.
    But we better not see you on the trail with an E Scooter.
    They are not allowed because YOU DONT PEDDLE.
    Absolute idiocy.
    Welcome to 1984.
    Big Brother is watching.

  3. “…..It could very well be, due to inflation, the city government is having diffulty due to other market based issues in the supply chain……”

    That’s so 2022….

  4. Well, at least I can use my Hoverboard. If it rolls, the city restricts it. There will be camera tickets on the bike trail long before cops get body cameras. Over regulate minor violations and ignore police brutality?

  5. This design absolutely sucks.

    Instead of having it be easy to read what’s not allowed, the top text is biggest. Terrible designers and waste of money

  6. Instead of fine print excluding something, it uses fine print to indirectly include class I and II e-bikes. You would have thought an anti-e-biker had designed this sign, right?

    AND, whoever designed this sign would be really good at making voting signs that discourage people from voting based on sex, race, gender, or creed.

    Oh, and that golden charge noted behind the e-biker in this sign is coming from the e-bike and not the e-biker, right?

  7. we just bought a e bike type 2; just did the whole bike trail by myself for the first time and loved it!
    We have a Honda Motocompacto scooter we just bought honestly that’s a lot more compact and nibble then the bike.
    Don’t get why we can’t use that

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