For some, March madness means basketball. Not the crowd I run with. This time of year is getting ready for the NFL draft April 22nd. Pouring over mock drafts is part of that process. Dude, Sy, here’s your chance to lay it on. After all, I have not been very kind to Big 12 football.

I took the following pic in KC when the STEELERS were playing, er gettin their ass’es handed to em.  This is the play that Big Ben got  his concussion on. Big Ben might be Pig Ben. If it’s true, trade his ass while he still has value. The STEELERS are rebuilding anyway.

Seems to me Olbermann is hated by the right. The guy ran this story Monday night. You’ll have to wait til towards the end to catch his take on the Indians Affair comment.

Then he followed up on Tuesday night with this.

And again on Wednesday night with this.

Keith, by these airings, raised a lot of money for a worthy cause. Maybe I missed it cause I don’t get the daily Argus print edition anymore, but did they even cover ANY part of this? And Princess Steph, or Thune, or Johnson? Where were they on this story? That’s right. Bringin home the bacon in the form of 2 million dollars to study the effects of the pine beetle in the Blackhills.

AWOL…again? Or maybe not. If they have been “involved”, it certainly was,or is, low profile.

Thanks Keith Olbermann.





I mean you no harm l3wis. We have met and I find you and your site very refreshing.

That being said…from the San Francisco Gate


For many American workers today, time’s a wastin’ – literally. According to a new survey by America Online and, the average worker admits to frittering away 2.09 hours per 8-hour workday, not including lunch and scheduled break-time. As a matter of practice, companies assume a certain amount of wasted time when determining employee pay. However, the America Online / survey indicates that employees are wasting about twice as much time as their employers expect. calculated that employers spend $759 billion per year on salaries for which real work was expected, but not actually performed.
The biggest distraction for respondents? Personal Internet use. 44.7% of the more than 10,000 people polled cited web surfing as their #1 distraction at work. Socializing with co-workers came in second at 23.4%. Conducting personal business, “spacing out,” running errands, and making personal phone calls were the other popular time-wasting activities in the workplace.



How many here frit away their companies hours? I only bring this up because one of our white collar contributors was appalled that a blue collar park caretaker was seen watering a tree AND reading a book…ALL AT THE SAME TIME. Oh, the horror. You white collar guys here claim you’re still doing your job. So what part of that park caretakers responsibility was he not meeting while reading that book?  To those who were outraged that a blue collar worker might actually get away with this…YOU ARE A HYPOCRIT.