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Fun Facts from Ballotpedia

Congrats to Angie Buhl!

A blogger finally made it to the state house;

There is no Republican on the ballot, which made Tuesday’s primary an all-or-nothing battle. Buhl will be the state’s youngest senator.

“Hard work really pays off,” Buhl said after taking 59 percent of the vote.

And it probably didn’t hurt that she spent $56 per vote.

Buhl was a strong fundraiser, too. She accepted $20,666 through May, mostly from political action committees, while Miles had about half as much money to work with.

In other election news, I was disappointed to see Litz get the Republican nomination for County Auditor;

As it stood Tuesday night, Litz received 4,500 votes, or 43 percent, compared to LaFollette’s 4,322, or 42 percent, and Mark Stevak’s 1,584.

Hopefully the Dems get behind Sue Nipe so we can keep Litz out of the auditor’s office. I think it is disingenuine of him to be running for another office while serving as a councilor. He should step down from the City Council while running for auditor, a county, not city position.

I was also surprised by Doogard kicking ass and taking names, and Munsterman coming in 2nd place. Howie’s second to last finish didn’t surprise me one bit. The Noem victory was no surprise at all, I actually predicted she would take 40% of the vote, and I was close. Steffy better be worried, Noem just isn’t a pretty face, she is smart businesswomen.

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