Tonight the city council was invited to a presentation and an after party for the Sioux Steel project. I know for sure that 3 city councilors did not attend the after party (you can guess who they are). Stehly asked an advisory opinion last week about accepting drinks and ‘HEAVY’ apps from the developer. The ethics commission couldn’t rule on the opinion because Stehly didn’t present evidence of the possible TIF request. Chairman Greg LaFollette was absent from the meeting, but in the past he has frowned on this kind of gift giving. Neitzert decided to make a joke about it earlier today and LaFollette warned him that it probably isn’t such a good idea. It will be interesting to see how many of the other 5 attended and chowed down on their ‘Heavy’ Tifilicious Snacks. Awaiting photos.

In other ‘Neitzert’ news, I guess he requested that all of the councilors sign a document of confidence in the new Internal Auditor that he would frame and present to Mrs. Nelson. He pretty much admitted that the document wasn’t an ‘official’ but would help in mending bridges. That bridge could have been solid if they would have hired someone with no conflicts.

Oh, and still no word if Shana will be replaced in the finance department . . .

Like I said, I’m glad we are getting Lyft to the city, and I agree with Mr. LaFollette, we are kind of behind the times and I appreciate his effort in moving this forward. But the mayor saying Greg is just some average ‘positive’ citizen asking him in an email about this is a stretch. Greg is the chairman of the ethics commission in which as chair he cleared the mayor of ethics charges while the mayor holed himself up in his office a couple of hundred feet away without answering to the charges. (see video below). Mr. Huether owes A LOT to this ‘average citizen’.