Greg LaFollette an average citizen to the mayor?

Like I said, I’m glad we are getting Lyft to the city, and I agree with Mr. LaFollette, we are kind of behind the times and I appreciate his effort in moving this forward. But the mayor saying Greg is just some average ‘positive’ citizen asking him in an email about this is a stretch. Greg is the chairman of the ethics commission in which as chair he cleared the mayor of ethics charges while the mayor holed himself up in his office a couple of hundred feet away without answering to the charges. (see video below). Mr. Huether owes A LOT to this ‘average citizen’.



#1 The D@ily Spin on 10.17.17 at 9:11 pm

My opinion but the ethics commission is like the fox in charge of the hen house. When I hear ethics hearing, it means someone is getting away with something or there’s someone who doesn’t agree with Huether.

#2 Warren Phear on 10.17.17 at 9:53 pm

OK Bruce, this vid is almost two hours long, and the sound quality, at least for my ol man ears is hard to translate. How bout a Cliff Notes version?

#3 Bruce on 10.18.17 at 2:13 pm

WP, there is a transcript available and if you click on closed captioning, there it is.