Not sure if that is what he meant while talking about the city budget, but I like the idea.

Jamison is asking whether that’s the case with this budget. He wants to know if the economy improves next year and sales tax revenues turn around, what the city should do with the extra money.

“Some might think do we really need to keep that money, should we give it back?” Jamison said.

Well, Greg, I think we have been overtaxed for a long time. Maybe instead of rebates, we should just cut taxes. But before we commend Huether for finding $30 million in cuts, we need to look at what he is cutting;

• Non-profits that provide vital services to the city

• Libraries

• Police

• Snow removal

And while he brags about ‘cutting’ these services, he increases general fund spending;

Huether’s proposed $117.7 million in general fund spending is a 0.7 percent increase over the $116.9 million in the 2010 budget after the spending revisions were made.

So what are these cuts you speak of? Especially when you are proposing a cool million for an Events Center plan WE DON’T need since we already have a good one with the Downtown proposal. While I agree we can provide some city services on the cheap why would we cut public safety and libraries first? I believe a 5% across the board cut makes the most sense, then go back and delve into individual cuts. The first place I would start is cutting back on all of these ‘assistant’ directors. Each major department should have ONE director, that’s it. If they can’t handle the job without an assistant, fire them.

If you want to cut essential services for the ‘good people of Sioux Falls’ – Fine, then cut our taxes or pay down our debt, or do both.

A little birdie, and a pretty reliable source told me that Jamison is 99.9% sure he is running for mayor. If this is true, at least the special interests and upper crust will be well represented in this race. It will also make great fodder for this blog. I thought maybe Gregg ‘Real People Die in Floods’ Jamison may be running out of ridiculous statements, but it sounds like we better prepare for more. I can’t wait for the first mayoral forum. Bring the popcorn.



I wants to runs for mayor, cuz I care about the childran (and people who die in floods because of a lack of a non-money leaking Event Center).

After reading this today in the paper, I didn’t know whether to jump for joy or cry. It got me more excited then when Quen Be De announced on Monday during a public meeting that she WOULD NOT run for mayor:

City Council newcomer Gregg Jamison says he seriously is considering a race for mayor. “I hope to have a decision soon. The truth is, I am so happy to be a part of Sioux Falls, help do what we are doing,” Jamison says. “We can do a lot of great things. So, yes, I am considering it.”

It will be pure entertainment watching him bumble and babble over trying to answer questions at mayoral campaign forums while his dad will be emailing him the answers from an undisclosed location to his blackberry. Maybe even more entertaining then watching neo-con Lora Hubbel and Janoct Adja battle it out for last place in the last election.