During public input tonight at the Sioux Falls City Council meeting, former Commissioner Robert Kolbe made the above statement that he said he took from Jim Abourezk’s memorial service.

I wasn’t quite sure where he was going with the testimony, but he ended with something like this;

‘You should take that barren wall you have downtown (bunker ramp?) and in the middle have a photo of the last four mayors and on top it would say ‘Sioux Falls is a great place to live . . .’ and under them it would say ‘In spite of them’.

As Kolbe leaves the podium Mayor Grunty says out loud into his microphone ‘Classy’.

I am starting to wonder what Poops has against former elected officials? Oh that’s right, they understand history (and probably don’t skip their afternoon naps so they are not a grumpy, grunting, mumbling chair at the meetings). I will start to get worried when he shows up to the meetings with a milk mustache and cookie crumbs on his shirt.

Every time I see the mayor do this, it seems he is trying to get a laugh out of councilor Jensen, which oddly reminds me of this scene;