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Why is Sioux Falls paying for over HALF of 85th Interchange Upgrades?

You may have missed this item last week at the city council meeting, buried as an item at the end of a 3+Hour meeting.

FULL DOC: 85-th-pre-annex.pdf

As you can see, city taxpayers are paying for OVER half of the proposed upgrades. If you also include the SF residents that live in Lincoln County, you will see even more of Sioux Falls residents tax money going towards this project. Notice the State DOT is giving practically nothing, and the other neighbor that will benefit quite a bit from the project, Tea, is throwing in only $4.5 million. And as usual, the developers involved are contributing very little, even though they have the most to gain from the project. So why does the city continue to expand (annexation) like Flopdation Park and this project, when we are struggling to keep up with our current infrastructure? Sioux Falls should be dedicating that $30 million towards redeveloping our core and central part of the city instead of building interstate exchanges for rich developers in the middle of a swamp.

FF 3:29:00


Sioux Falls City Council Agenda, Sep 26, 2017

This week is a little less enduring than last week’s meeting.

During the INFORMATIONAL besides staff reports and open discussion, they go into executive session over an employee. Not sure what this is about, but I think it relates to a NEW audit department employee.

The city council than has their joint meeting with Lincoln County at 5 PM to discuss zoning changes and regulations.

At 6 PM, they go at it again with the Minnehaha County Commission to discuss a joint conditional use permit.

The Wind Haters in Lincoln County Fake Science wins big time, 57/42

Like the voting down of solar energy a few years ago in Minnehaha county, once again, the Haters of alternative energy wins again in our region.

Take a deep breath while you can, the end is near.

VOTE NO on Tuesday in Lincoln County

If you think Wind Energy is bad for people, I suggest you watch this movie about coal.

WeCare-SD seems to think Australia looks a lot like Lincoln County

Who has time to dig up a graphic designer? Australia, Lincoln County? What’s the difference.

Ironically Australia embraces wind energy, you know, like the rest of the modern world.

Support Clean Energy

The Windhaters got it handed to them today

Looks like they are going to have a tough road ahead (Full DOC PR; REFER-WIND);

Faced with the heavy task of gathering more than 1,700 signatures from Lincoln County registered voters, supporters began circulating the referendum petition last week after the publication of the new setback ordinance. Supporters achieved their goal of having the requisite number of signatures far ahead of the statutory 20-day deadline. 

“Gathering nearly 2,100 signatures in a little more than a week is a true testament to the enthusiasm the voters of Lincoln County have for wind energy,” said Minish. “While circulating the petition it was a pleasure to hear thank you from the numerous voters who want to see clean, sustainable energy production become a reality in Lincoln County. From parents and grandparents looking at the funding this project would bring to schools, the county and townships to our ag producers, farmers and individuals who believe that landowners should be able to choose what they do on their family’s land, the support for Dakota Power Community Wind has really been overwhelming. We’re looking forward to the next phase of this process that will bring us one step closer to making wind energy in Lincoln County a reality.”

That many signatures, that fast, tells me that this will probably get the NO vote they are looking for on the setbacks. I predict at least a 70% in favor of eliminating the 1/2 mile setback. Get ready for more letters to the editor about how great and knowing the Lincoln County Commission is (LOL) and how evil the wind energy business is. What I find incredibly ironic about the opposition to wind energy is how we have no problem with two oil pipelines going through our state (with a 3rd one in progress) that provide us NO oil for energy, yet we fight green energy that will be used locally.

Shaking my head.

It also goes to show, once again, it takes the voters taking matters into their own hands with a petition to get things done. Just look at the amount of time and energy that County and Planning commission wasted on this. They should have just set up an election date to begin with and saved a lot of people, a lot of time. As I tell the city council quite often, ‘There are some things above your pay grade.’

The Windhaters are wrong. When will the Lincoln CC wake up

Wind energy in the Midwest, what an amazing MODERN concept!

These poll numbers of course don’t surprise me;

On the question “Would you support or oppose a plan to build wind turbines to generate electricity in the southern part of Lincoln County?” surveyors found 41 percent strongly in favor, 26 percent somewhat supportive. Thirteen percent were somewhat opposed and 17 percent strongly opposed.

So will the county commissioners wake up?

The company released partial results from its poll in the run-up to a county commission vote on wind turbine setbacks that would doom the project if left unchanged. Commissioners could decide as quickly as Tuesday morning

It will be interesting to see what kind of excuses the county commissioners will cook up to vote for these stupid setbacks (especially Schmidt and King). It will probably go to a referendum anyway, so they might as well vote against the setbacks and let voters decide.

But you gotta love the windhaters and their continued opposition based on what they can pull from their butts;

“We’ll take all of that with a great amount of salt,” said Winnie Peterson, Director of We Care-SD. “Some people were very upset about the way the information was presented.”

We Care’s volunteers conducted door-to-door surveys in 2015, and Peterson said more than 80 percent of those surveyed within the area of the original 500-turbine project said they didn’t want to live within a quarter mile of a turbine.

I wonder if Winnie knows that it is a county wide election? Asking my neighbors what they think of a certain ballot proposal certainly isn’t scientific, but what would you expect from a group that depends on junk science to argue their points?

“As people from South Dakota, we don’t need to hire a fancy Washington polling agency to find out what our neighbors think,” Peterson said.

The poll from GOP strategist Glen Bolger’s Washington, D.C.-based agency is the first survey of Lincoln County voters specific to wind energy. National polls consistently show support for wind power and other forms of renewable energy.

The questions were asked of 300 registered voters, with 120 cell phone interviews by telephone March 23-26, and has a margin of error of plus or minus 5.66 percent.

Fancy or Not, it is scientific and way more accurate then the rag-tag group compiled of coffee drinkers from a Canton Café. I can’t wait to see them crushed at the polls, I’m sure commissioner King will blame the crack baby having liberals for swaying the vote.

Hypocrite of the Week; Lincoln County Commissioner Dan King

No wind here, just a lot of smoke blowing.

Oh, Dan, how you make us chuckle. While you go on rants to the SF city council for a decision they made about zoning, every opportunity you had to make a decision about wind energy zoning, you chicken-shit out with your buddy Jim Schmidt. Maybe Dan is afraid that the Liberals will build encampments around the wind towers to raise their crack babies;

“As a board, if we crafted our ordinances and our policies so that businesses could or couldn’t come into the county, I think that’s the wrong way to look at it,” says Lincoln County commission chairman Dan King.

King says there’s a reason for the delay in decision-making.

Commissioners are researching what are called wind rights.

A wind tower creates a wake that affects downwind where wind towers can be placed,” explains King.


King says they need to look into how close the towers should be to one another and how that affects wind rights.

However, Minish says this is more of a property rights issue.

Hey, let’s talk wind rights, because if me or any other homeowner down wind of John Morrell’s has a right to the wind blowing across our property, we best lawyer up and sue the living crap out of JM’s for stinking up my back yard on a weekly basis. Dan, just admit it, you are a weak lawmaker who can’t make a simple decision. It comes down to aesthetics, that’s it. Your job as a lawmaker is not to be an art critic, it is to make laws that keep people safe while promoting economic development. There have been thousands of studies done on how safe (and green) wind energy is. Maybe you and Jim should share a computer at the library and do a little research on it instead of listening to all the Hayseed’s BS that come to your meetings.

Wind energy isn’t a Republican or Democrat, Conservative or Liberal idea, I would even be willing to guess most of the property owners and investors involved are probably Republican.

So the next time you have the urge to harass my lawmakers in Sioux Falls for ‘actually’ making a decision, think about all the lost opportunities you have had to make the right and judicial decision.

BTW, I think cowboy hats are ugly, just saying.

Lincoln County Commissioner, Dan King, gets his ‘Trump’ on

Dan, turn off the FOX news, take a deep breath, and relax;

Not to mention, for some of you, I imagine there is motivation to mix income groups in order to infuse more liberal voting blocs throughout the city. Low income housing, scattered around the edges of much higher income populations is one form of redistricting that the subsidized developers and property managers are more than motivated to help with. If you get enough of this stuff going on the edges, you can guarantee a diffused conservative voting population in time.

Once you finish laughing hysterically, you have to realize, this is coming from a guy who compares bicyclists who ride on paved roads to chicken eggs. I have seen Mr. King in action at a Lincoln County Commission meeting, and I have seen and heard his constituents, no surprise he got elected.

First off, most younger voters who preside in apartments DON’T VOTE or their registration address is outdated. Secondly, Dan might be surprised to find that their are quite a few registered younger conservatives.

“I’m looking at what’s in the best interest of property owners and what the ordinance says,” Starr said. “There’s no liberal conspiracy going on and I find it highly offensive that he would suggest that.”

While I agree with Pat, what offends me more is that such prejudice morons get elected to office, but spend a day in some Canton coffee shops, and you will understand why.