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Lincoln County Commissioner, Dan King, gets his ‘Trump’ on

Dan, turn off the FOX news, take a deep breath, and relax;

Not to mention, for some of you, I imagine there is motivation to mix income groups in order to infuse more liberal voting blocs throughout the city. Low income housing, scattered around the edges of much higher income populations is one form of redistricting that the subsidized developers and property managers are more than motivated to help with. If you get enough of this stuff going on the edges, you can guarantee a diffused conservative voting population in time.

Once you finish laughing hysterically, you have to realize, this is coming from a guy who compares bicyclists who ride on paved roads to chicken eggs. I have seen Mr. King in action at a Lincoln County Commission meeting, and I have seen and heard his constituents, no surprise he got elected.

First off, most younger voters who preside in apartments DON’T VOTE or their registration address is outdated. Secondly, Dan might be surprised to find that their are quite a few registered younger conservatives.

“I’m looking at what’s in the best interest of property owners and what the ordinance says,” Starr said. “There’s no liberal conspiracy going on and I find it highly offensive that he would suggest that.”

While I agree with Pat, what offends me more is that such prejudice morons get elected to office, but spend a day in some Canton coffee shops, and you will understand why.


Some Lincoln County Commissioners chickenshit out

Make a decision already so the voters can finally decide the fate of wind energy in Lincoln County;

County commissioners decided Tuesday to punt until 2017 on a set of proposed restrictions on wind turbines in the fast-growing county that includes the southern edge of Sioux Falls.

The commission voted to study ways to refine the rules, which would require turbines sit at least three-quarters of a mile from homes and meet low-decibel sound limits.

We all know, no matter what they decide, voters will ultimately make the decision. And I think with the large voting block in Sioux Falls, they would approve the wind farm. But it really shouldn’t be that way, this is a simple decision to make;

Commissioner Jim Schmidt said the county’s voters deserve a decision that accounts for all the potential ripple effects of wind turbines.

“Every time we listen to testimony, it becomes a more complicated issue,” Schmidt said.

Jim, first off it is not complicated, and even if it was, you have had two years to do your research. It is very easy to contact universities and other scientific groups to get the information you need, which would all lead to the fact that wind turbines have no harmful health effects unless one fell on you.

This comes down to two very simple points, Money and Asthestics.

• Money; The county, the state and landowners would make money from the project, which would benefit many people. This is a fact.

• Some people don’t like what they look like. This really is the only sticking point in the matter. As a person who is an artist and collects art, I do understand and defend people who think wind turbines are ugly. I get it. But the same could be said about barb wired fences and power poles in the country landscape. As I said to a detractor once, ‘I would much rather look at a wind farm peacefully churning in a meadow then plumes of smoke rolling from a coal plant or refinery.’

But government officials are not art critics, their duty is to rule on law and what is best for people within those laws. Wind energy is good for the public and the economy. Stop being chickenshits and make an easy decision.

Do we just break wind or do we Harness it? Lincoln County Commission 2016

Here we go, the great questions of Lincoln County are debated. Do we grow or do we die? Do we just break wind or do we use it? To wind or not to wind? Is it selfishness or purity? The County Commission on November 22, 2016 heard several versions of these questions.

The rural southern part of the county has had a serious hurt on the more urban sprawl northern section and it seems the two will never meet until the farmers are pushed out. Farmers are important and so is peace of mind but as you listen to this meeting keep in mind, no one wants to find a way to compromise.

UPDATE: The Wind Haters will make their case Tuesday Night at the Lincoln County Commission

UPDATE: After sitting through 2 hours of testimony from the Wind Haters and Reality Lovers the Lincoln County Commission decides to compromise the setback of 1 mile to 3/4 mile (5280 to 3960 feet). Commission Chair Mike Poppens was the only commissioner to vote against both the original motion and the compromise. His argument was fantastic, paraphrasing, “No one has shown me evidence that wind towers would be any less harmful with a 1200 foot setback (current ordinance) then with a 5,280 setback . . . (besides) that is not the conversation, the 5280 foot setback basically eliminates wind towers in Lincoln county, if we want to have that conversation, let’s have it, because that is all this setback would accomplish.”

But before the compromise, it appeared it was going to fail due to a tie on the commission (Gillespie had to excuse himself because he or his family is investing in the project) 2-2. If it would have failed, it would have stayed at 1,200 feet. But Jim Schmidt threw a hissy-fit that they had to pass something last night, and got Dan King to go along with the compromise, and while they were voting, you could see Schmidt winking to some of the wind haters sitting in the crowd.

What a sh*tshow.


Cameraman Bruce hopes to film the meeting that starts at 7 PM in Canton;

LINCOLN COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS Lincoln County Commission Meeting Room 104 N. Main, Canton, SD 57013

Tuesday, November 22, 2016 7 PM

Public Hearing 1. An ordinance of Lincoln County, SD, amending the 2009 Revised Zoning Ordinance for Lincoln County by amending Article 6, C Commercial District, Section 6.03, Permitted Special Uses. Section 1. That Section 6.03(A) of the 2009 Zoning Ordinance for Lincoln County, SD, is hereby amended. 2. An ordinance of Lincoln County, SD, amending the 2009 Revised Zoning Ordinance for Lincoln County by amending Article 12, Additional Use Regulations, Section 12.02, Wind Energy Conversion Systems. Section 1. That 12.02(C) (not including 1- 10), of the 2009 Revised Zoning Ordinance for Lincoln County, SD, is hereby amended. 3. An ordinance of Lincoln County, SD, amending the 2009 Revised Zoning Ordinance for Lincoln County by amending Article 12, Additional Use Regulations, Section 12.02, Wind Energy Conversion Systems. Section 1. That Section 12.02(C)(2), of the 2009 Revised Zoning Ordinance for Lincoln County, SD, is hereby amended. 4. An ordinance of Lincoln County, SD, amending the 2009 Revised Zoning Ordinance for Lincoln County by amending Article 12, Additional Use Regulations, Section 12.02, Wind Energy Conversion Systems. Section 1. That Section 12.02(C)(4), of the 2009 Revised Zoning Ordinance for Lincoln County, SD, is hereby amended. 5. An ordinance of Lincoln County, SD, amending the 2009 Revised Zoning Ordinance for Lincoln County by amending article 12, Additional Use Regulations, Section 12.02, Wind Energy Conversion Systems. Section 1. That Section 12.02(C), of the 2009 Revised Zoning Ordinance of Lincoln County, SD, is hereby amended by adding a subsection to be numbered 11.

Will the Lincoln County Commission use common sense?


As you can see, the Lincoln County Commission will be either approving or denying wind energy zoning guidelines on November 22.

Some of the ridiculous changes pushed by the wind haters (which are really global warming deniers) include;

5,280 feet set back (Yeah kids, that is 1 mile, which pretty much eliminates them being placed anywhere in Lincoln County). Let me put this in perspective, you know the little lawsuit in McKennan Park over setbacks? That is about four feet.

They also want to change the decibel level to 35 during the day and 30 at night. On a comparison chart, that is compared to a whisper in a quiet library at 6′. But could you hear anything if it was a mile away from your property?

They also want an analysis done on ‘flickering’. What is that? By all accounts I think it is something the ‘wind haters’ created in their minds from watching to many Orson Wells movies.

While most of these regulations look like something you would find in a comic book, our Lincoln County Commission is actually considering these ridiculous measures. I hope to attend the meeting to personally listen to the crazies explain the dangers of ‘wind’.

The wind haters are still spreading hot air

While oil spills are polluting our oceans and ground water and coal polluting our air, some people in Lincoln county are worried about the ‘noise’ from a wind turbine;

“It’s time for an update. At that time, wind turbines were not as large, not as powerful, not as prevalent and not as much was known, not much studies had been done on the effects on people and animals, the environment, the cost. Those things weren’t known,” added Peterson.

Maybe they are known, and the reason why all you are blowing is hot air.

“There are better green energy projects out there to produce electricity and we need to be looking at those. Those that protect the health and safety and economic welfare of the public, not ones that are going to destroy that,” said Canton resident, Cindy Thomas.

You mean solar energy, which is a good source, but much more square footage has to be used to provide as much energy from wind turbines. It has been proven time and time again that people most opposed to wind energy are just miffed because their land is not being leased for the project. There are really no health affects, just a lot of jealousy, which in reality can affect your ego more then anything.

EVERY government phone number you could ever want

Click here to view the entire directory; 2016 City Numbers Phone Directory


Joint County City Workin’ on it meet’n 2016-07-13

Hey everyone, Rex wants you to take donuts and get out of here until at least next time, whenever that is. So ended the July 13, 2016, 7 AM Breakfast meeting of the Regional Cooperative Government Committee otherwise know as the three Sioux Falls area city and county governmental units.

As Cameraman Bruce showed up to the Hy-Vee Club Room, there were weird hand signals and blank stares from a few members to greet his cameras. At least he did not hear the resounding phrase from the chair, “No Bruce not (today or tonight or anytime).

It was an interesting meeting as members attempted to lay a groundwork for further cooperation which could lead to an eventual metro area gobernment. So you might as well find donuts and orange juice to join in all the fun.

Property taxes (assessments) are going up in Lincoln County, but not because of the Harrisburg School District

So this email from the super of Harrisburg was recently sent out;

—–Original Message—–

From: Notification from Harrisburg School District [mailto:Notification-Do_Not_Reply@target.brightarrow.com]

Sent: Saturday, April 02, 2016 2:01 PM

To: – – – –

Subject: This is a notification from Harrisburg School District

We are hearing that some people in Lincoln County are seeing that their real estate taxes have taken a big jump.  What we understand is that most of this is due to higher assessments on property.  The Harrisburg School has again not raised their tax levies for the 9th year in a row.  Any increases you may see are not due to an increase by the school.  Jim Holbeck

The assessments are up in Sioux Falls to. Funny how this city is swimming in money and we have all this borrowing power, of course we do, we keep increasing taxes.



I have voted early in almost every election for the past 4-5 years, ever since musical precincts started. The nice part is it is at your convenience, and it is fast (I have never had to wait in a line) You simply go to the County Auditor’s office, show them your ID, they hand you a ballot for your precinct, you vote at at the box and turn in your ballot. A lot easier then trying to find time on election day.

South DaCola’s voting guide/endorsements;

Entire City (Minnehaha & Lincoln County)

School Board: Randy Dobberpuhl (The two top vote getters win seats)

At-Large City Council: Theresa Stehly

Amendments to City Charter: YES on all (A-C & E) EXCEPT NO on ‘D’ which could have a mayor serve up to 10 years. Full explanation in this PDF Document; charter-amend

District Races

Northeast: Pat Starr

Northwest: Greg Neitzert

Southwest: Manny Steele

I believe all the candidates I have chosen will be the most ready on day 1 to serve the public. I also believe this group of candidates are good legislators who would build bridges, get important work done for all citizens and support open and transparent government.

Remember, in the council races, a candidate must receive at least 34% of the vote to avoid a run-off election.