As you can see, the Lincoln County Commission will be either approving or denying wind energy zoning guidelines on November 22.

Some of the ridiculous changes pushed by the wind haters (which are really global warming deniers) include;

5,280 feet set back (Yeah kids, that is 1 mile, which pretty much eliminates them being placed anywhere in Lincoln County). Let me put this in perspective, you know the little lawsuit in McKennan Park over setbacks? That is about four feet.

They also want to change the decibel level to 35 during the day and 30 at night. On a comparison chart, that is compared to a whisper in a quiet library at 6′. But could you hear anything if it was a mile away from your property?

They also want an analysis done on ‘flickering’. What is that? By all accounts I think it is something the ‘wind haters’ created in their minds from watching to many Orson Wells movies.

While most of these regulations look like something you would find in a comic book, our Lincoln County Commission is actually considering these ridiculous measures. I hope to attend the meeting to personally listen to the crazies explain the dangers of ‘wind’.

While oil spills are polluting our oceans and ground water and coal polluting our air, some people in Lincoln county are worried about the ‘noise’ from a wind turbine;

“It’s time for an update. At that time, wind turbines were not as large, not as powerful, not as prevalent and not as much was known, not much studies had been done on the effects on people and animals, the environment, the cost. Those things weren’t known,” added Peterson.

Maybe they are known, and the reason why all you are blowing is hot air.

“There are better green energy projects out there to produce electricity and we need to be looking at those. Those that protect the health and safety and economic welfare of the public, not ones that are going to destroy that,” said Canton resident, Cindy Thomas.

You mean solar energy, which is a good source, but much more square footage has to be used to provide as much energy from wind turbines. It has been proven time and time again that people most opposed to wind energy are just miffed because their land is not being leased for the project. There are really no health affects, just a lot of jealousy, which in reality can affect your ego more then anything.


Hey everyone, Rex wants you to take donuts and get out of here until at least next time, whenever that is. So ended the July 13, 2016, 7 AM Breakfast meeting of the Regional Cooperative Government Committee otherwise know as the three Sioux Falls area city and county governmental units.

As Cameraman Bruce showed up to the Hy-Vee Club Room, there were weird hand signals and blank stares from a few members to greet his cameras. At least he did not hear the resounding phrase from the chair, “No Bruce not (today or tonight or anytime).

It was an interesting meeting as members attempted to lay a groundwork for further cooperation which could lead to an eventual metro area gobernment. So you might as well find donuts and orange juice to join in all the fun.

So this email from the super of Harrisburg was recently sent out;

—–Original Message—–

From: Notification from Harrisburg School District []

Sent: Saturday, April 02, 2016 2:01 PM

To: – – – –

Subject: This is a notification from Harrisburg School District

We are hearing that some people in Lincoln County are seeing that their real estate taxes have taken a big jump.  What we understand is that most of this is due to higher assessments on property.  The Harrisburg School has again not raised their tax levies for the 9th year in a row.  Any increases you may see are not due to an increase by the school.  Jim Holbeck

The assessments are up in Sioux Falls to. Funny how this city is swimming in money and we have all this borrowing power, of course we do, we keep increasing taxes.